What are Ohio’s In-Demand Jobs?

In-demand jobs strengthen Ohio’s current and future strategic economic advantage and empower people with 21st century skills. These jobs have a sustainable wage and a promising future based on the projected number of openings and growth. Ohio has in-demand jobs in more than 200 occupations across a wide range of industries. The following criteria was used to define an “in-demand job” in Ohio:

  • 80% of state median wage, $14.10 per hour, or more;
  • Annual growth in the number of jobs higher than the statewide average of 36; or
  • Annual job openings greater than 584.

In addition to these state labor statistics and projections, electronic job posting trend data and business responses to Ohio’s In-Demand Jobs Survey are components in defining in-demand jobs.

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Rhodes State Trains for In-Demand Jobs!

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Job Title
Computer Network Support Specialists
Computer Numerically Controlled Tool Programmers
Dental Hygienists
Electrical and Electronics Repairers, Commercial and Industrial Equipment
Electrical and Electronics Repairers, Powerhouse, Substation, and Relay *see also
Electro-Mechanical Technicians *see also
Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics
Health Technologists and Technicians, All Other - Patient Care Technician and Certified Cardiographic Technician
Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses
Mechanical Engineering Technicians *see also
Medical Assistants (Direct Support Professional)
Medical Records and Health Information Technicians
Nursing Assistant 
Occupational Therapist Assistants
Physical Therapist Assistants
Radiologic Technologists
Respiratory Therapists
Surgical Technologists
Veterinary Technologists and Technicians

 * see related certificates

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The Faces of In-Demand Jobs

Akaya Koga, Electrical Apprentice, GROB Systems, Inc., 

Student, Electronic Engineering Technology Program at Rhodes State

What are your main responsibilities as an Electrical Apprentice?

My main job as an apprentice is to learn, be curious, and do my best work. In the first year, we learn the concepts in a lab and classroom. In the second year, we apply that knowledge to different jobs on the production floor. This provides us with a base knowledge of what each department does before getting placed on the production floor in our third year.


Caden Sonnenburg, Electrical Apprentice, GROB Systems, Inc.

Student, Electronic Engineering Technology Program at Rhodes State

What advice would you give someone who is considering this type of job?

I would recommend an apprenticeship path to anyone. It is an amazing opportunity to get into a good job while also being able to further your education. Attempting to go to work and school is made less stressful through the work of the apprenticeship coordinators. It is great to work for a company who supports my education and growth.


Carter Burden, Mechanical Apprentice, GROB Systems, Inc.

Student, Manufacturing Engineering Technology Program at Rhodes State

What do you like most about your job?

They train everyone starting from the basics, so people with little experience are not left behind and more experienced people reinforce their skills. I also like the ability to have a vast range of opportunities to choose from.



Corey Blackston, BSN, RN, Emergency Room Nurse, Mercy Health, St. Rita's Medical Center

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing, Rhodes State College

What are some common career paths in this field?

If you obtain your Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), you can transition into the Registered Nursing (RN) program. After becoming an RN, there are many different types of nursing specialties such as Emergency Department Nurse, Oncology Nurse, Pediatric nurse, and many more. From there, you can further your education to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), Doctorate, Nurse Practitioner, and more. Many nurses stay working on the floor or move into healthcare management. 

Desiree Walker, Certified Medical Assistant, Mercy Health, Shawnee Family Medicine 

What are your main responsibilities as a medical assistant?

I prepare the patient for his/her exam by taking vital signs and medical history, and performing basic laboratory tests. I provide medication instruction and patient education. I also perform EKG's, suture removals and dressing changes. In addition, I work with insurance companies every day to obtain medication coverage and handled other administrative duties.



 Jacob Okuly, Mechanical Apprentice, GROB Systems, Inc.

Student, Manufacturing Engineering Technology Program at Rhodes State

What are your main responsibilities as a Mechanical Apprentice?

As an apprentice my main responsibility is to learn. The idea behind the GROB apprenticeship is to learn as much as possible about as much as possible. If you are learning every day, then you are doing your job right.



Jennifer Moore, RN, Intensive Care Unit Nurse and Clinical Instructor, Lima Memorial Health System and Rhodes State College

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing, Rhodes State

What are some common career paths in this field?

Nursing is a lot like a navigation app. How far do you want to go?  What “landscape” gets you the most excited?  If you push yourself out of your comfort zone, you can go as far or as little as you want to go.  There are so many different opportunities and career paths in the field of nursing. No matter what, as long as you have a desire to help others, you will be able to find a path that is the best fit for you.

Liz Hylton, Lead Recruiter Region 48, Speedway, LLC

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Human Resource, Rhodes State

What skills, abilities, and personal attributes are essential to success in this field?

The skills, abilities and personal attributes that are essential within this field are the ability to strike up a conversation with people, an outgoing personality that is not afraid to think outside of the box and try new things to increase applicant pool, as well as being a good listener. You must also be detail-oriented and able to work and schedule your day independently. Strong public speaking skills is a plus in this position. 


Mackenzie Long, Pediatric Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Health Partners of Western Ohio 

Practical Nursing Certificate, Rhodes State

What advice would you give someone who is considering this field?

My advice for someone who is considering working on the platform of healthcare would be to go in with an open mind and a heart ready to give. Being a healthcare worker is a special calling and takes a lot of patience and strength. 


In-Demand Jobs Week Events

Faces of In-Demand Jobs

There are many faces at Rhodes State. Behind each face is a story—stories of insight into in-demand jobs. These stories highlight a few of the faces of Rhodes State alumni and employers of our students and alumni associated with in-demand jobs. Join us online at your convenience throughout In-Demand Jobs Week to gain insider information on a career path, an industry, a company and/or general career advice from professionals with experience and knowledge of in-demand jobs. Contact: Barb Brdicka, Senior Director, Workforce Development and Innovation, Rhodes State College, Brdicka.B@rhodesstate.edu.

Ohio’s Top Jobs List

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*Ohio's In-Demand Jobs List was developed using labor market information, job postings on OhioMeansJobs.com, JobsOhio regional forecasts, and employer forecasts.