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Serving our College Credit Plus partners is very important to us as Rhodes State College. We have an entire department dedicated to providing outstanding support and services to our teachers, students, counselors and administrators. 

CCP teachers will be mentored by their department chair throughout their entire teaching experience as a Rhodes State College adjunct. They will also be supported closely on all issues related to their college online accounts or other non-academic issues.

Rhodes State College provides annual Professional Development opportunities for our CCP teachers as well as annual networking meetings within individual departments.  An annual Superintendent summit is also hosted on our campus.

We provide training, testing and orientations in your high school buildings at your convenience.  We will greatly minimize your need to travel by coming to you and providing CCP services at your location whenever possible. In doing so, we are able to foster meaningful and productive relationships within our school districts.

High Schools considering to credential faculty for the College Credit Plus (CCP) program with Rhodes State College should begin with the following steps:

To begin the credentialing process, Rhodes State College will need the following:

  1. Name of high school instructor
  2. School
  3. Phone number and email to contact instructor 
  4. Resume
  5. Unofficial Transcripts – please note: Official transcripts will be required if the instructor is credentialed. Those official transcripts need to be sent to:

Rhodes State College

Human Resources Department PS2

4240 Campus Dr.   Lima, OH 45804

  1. Other supporting documentation such as earned certifications
  2. In the body of your email please state the SUBJECT(s) that the teacher wishes to teach at the CCP level (for example, “English” or “Math” or “Accounting” or “Science,” etc.)

That information needs to be sent electronically to Once Rhodes State has received that information, a member of the K-12 Partnership team will begin processing that request. It should take between 2-4 weeks to hear in writing from the Vice President of Academic Affairs and by email if the instructor is credentialed to teach for upcoming terms.

Non-General Education Courses:

Teachers are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Each department has their own credentialing requirements.  Several departments have accrediting bodies that dictate minimum faculty credentials.

General Education Courses (English, Math, Sciences, History, Languages, Psych/Soc, etc.):

Based on state mandates and our regional agency, The Higher Learning Commission, the rules for becoming credentialed to teach general education courses are as follows:

  • Faculty members teaching general education courses must hold a master’s degree in the discipline or a master’s degree in any discipline (for example, Education) and at least 18 semester credit hours of graduate coursework relevant to the discipline in which you will be teaching. 
  • If the applying teacher does not have the 18 graduate hours in the discipline, then the teacher may develop a Plan of Study to earn the 18 master’s hours. Your Rhodes department chair will work with you on completing the Plan of Study. 

The high school teacher will work directly with the appropriate department chair to develop the Plan of Study.  Please do not enroll in a graduate program or pay any fees until your Plan of Study has been approved by the department chair at Rhodes.  Once the Plan of Study has been approved and signed by the appropriate people at Rhodes (and the applying teacher) and the teacher’s graduate coursework has begun, the teacher may begin teaching CCP for Rhodes.  Once the teacher is enrolled and taking class(es) from their approved plan, the teacher will be immediately and provisionally credentialed to teach their approved list of CCP courses.

  • If you have questions or wish to develop a Plan of Study, please contact the appropriate Chair directly from the list below: