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Rhodes State College and the National Student Clearinghouse have partnered to provide you with the ability to order transcripts online and receive an electronic PDF of your transcript.  You can also request a printed transcript to be sent via USPS mail.

How to Order

  • Access the Transcript Ordering Center to place your request(s).
    • You will be required to provide various pieces of information to verify your identity and locate your student records.
  • Payment may only be made in the form of a credit card.
    • To view the status of your request(s), click the link provided in your confirmation email.

Due to the new online service, we will no longer accept paper request forms.  For questions concerning official transcript requests, email or call 419-995-8002.


Transcript Cost


Additional Cost for emailed transcript with digital signature


Additional Cost to mail using USPS Priority Mail


Processing Time

  • Electronic transcript processing time is generally within the hour unless the student has an Administrative and/or Financial hold, includes attachments to the order, or has a historic academic record (prior to 1991) that requires oversight and processing from the college.
  • Printed transcript processing time is typically within 3 business days unless the student has an Administrative and/or Financial hold.
  • Once your transcript request has been fulfilled per your instructions, we are unable to reissue an official transcript without another written request and additional payment.
  • Attachments require college review - Orders with attachments are processed during normal business hours.  This includes any days the College may be closed in observance of holidays. Attachments are intended for transcript matching forms such as, but not limited to, AMCAS, CASPA, LSAC, etc. Please, do not attach documents such as high school transcripts, additional college or university transcripts, resumes, cover letters, etc. 

Did You Know…?

  • Many schools prefer to have us send transcripts directly to them. Some schools or employers may not consider a transcript to be “official” if the transcript has been in a student’s possession or if the transcript has been faxed.  Please verify with the recipient what is considered acceptable before placing your order.
  • If you do not know your College ID Number and do not have a Social Security Number, CONTINUE placing your order and when the system alerts you that the information is not found, a representative from the College Records and Registration Office will contact you for the required information to complete processing your order.

Grades Explanation (Transcript Key)

  • A transcript explanation (transcript key) will be included with each official transcript, which explains the grading system and the meaning of various symbols on the transcript. Click here to see the explanation of grades.

Unofficial Transcript

  • You can access your unofficial transcript from your STARS account under Student Services/Student Records/Academic Transcript. This contains your courses, grades, credit, GPA, major and any degrees or certificates awarded.
  • If you have an Administrative and/or Financial hold on your account that prevents you from viewing your transcript, please email
  • If you need help accessing your STARS account, please email the help desk at or call 419-995-8069.
  • Unofficial academic records cannot be emailed or faxed by the Registrar’s Office.