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Mechanical Engineering Technology Overview

The AAS degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology provides the theoretical knowledge and practical skillset necessary to become a part of present-day mechanical workforce. The curriculum includes basic math and science courses along with core mechanical courses which start with design and manufacturing. Subsequently, students learn about materials and advanced computer aided design of products. In their second-year students study fluid power and strength of materials based on the foundation of their first-year courses and get their field experience from working in the industry. Finally, they apply their knowledge by working on their department capstone projects. By the end of the curriculum students have the foundation and experience along with the choice to either join the industry or continue their education towards a bachelor’s degree in engineering. 

Mechanical Engineering Technology Highlights

  • We teach cutting edge Mechanical product design and development software
  • Labs include multiple manual and computer-controlled machines

Mechanical Engineering Technology Student Learning Outcomes

The Mechanical Engineering Technology graduates will be able to: 

  • Assist the Mechanical Engineer in the design and analysis of mechanical components and
    systems to assure their structural integrity utilizing their technical skills.
  • They will be life-long learners with the ability to explore and adapt to changing
    technologies, applying their growing set of skills to creatively solve technical problems.
  • They will have an appreciation for the benefits that cultural diversity brings to a
    mechanical engineering team.
  • Their ability to effectively communicate along with their commitment to quality and their
    high moral and ethical standards will make them valuable team members.

Mechanical Engineering Technology Plan of Study

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