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Important Registration and Payment Dates

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Registration Instructions

STARS Online is Rhodes State’s web interface that allows students to register for classes in addition to viewing information such as transcripts and fee assessments. Students may also change personal information such as their address and emergency contacts. If you have any questions, please contact Admissions 419-995-8320.  

Registration Instructions 


Transcript Request

Rhodes State College and the National Student Clearinghouse have partnered to provide you with the ability to order transcripts online and receive an electronic PDF of your transcript. You can also request a printed transcript to be sent via USPS mail.



Access frequently used forms for the Records Department.

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The tool to help students monitor progress toward degree or certificate completion.

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Learn about transferring your degree or completed coursework to other institutions.

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Log into STARS Online and select the Student Services menu. Select Student Records then Final Grades. Your final grades are posted and ready to view approximately 4-5 business days after finals week of every semester. 


A grade mailer is a paper copy of a semester’s grades mailed to your address on file.  Usually this is requested when you need to turn a copy into your employer for tuition reimbursement.  Log into and select the Student Services menu. Select Student Records and then Request Grade Mailer. Select term and click submit request. NOTE: A request must be made for every semester that you need a grade mailer. The request must be submitted prior to the end of the requested semester.

If you’ve attended other institutions, you will want to have your transcripts sent to Rhodes State to see if any previous coursework taken is equivalent to any courses required for your intended major.  Transfer credit awarded can reduce the amount of courses a student needs to take.  Students transferring from another college must have official transcripts from each college attended sent to the Rhodes State College Office of Transfer for evaluation.  Faxed transcripts or transcripts sent to an individual's email will not be considered official.  Follow the directions to access your unofficial transcript. As transfer credit is awarded it will show up on your unofficial transcript. You will be notified by mail of your transfer credit as it is evaluated by the Office of Transfer.

Although there are exceptions, you must live in Ohio for twelve (12) consecutive months to be considered for in-state tuition. Refer to the residency requirements listed in the College Catalog. Contact the Office of Transfer at 419-995-8304 with any questions.

Pre-requisites are course work that must be completed prior to registering for certain courses. You can find them in the course descriptions section of the Rhodes State College Catalog.

A student can go to the Admissions/Advising office in Public Service 148 and upon showing proper identification, can obtain a verification of enrollment. If an outside agency is requesting information they must provide a release signed by the student. If a student has not marked confidential on their file, directory information can be released without the student’s consent. Refer to the college catalog for directory information.

A student must apply to graduate for the term they expect to complete their degree requirements. If you fail to meet requirements for the term requested you must re-apply for the term you expect to meet requirements.

Deadlines for Submission

Summer Graduation (August) February 15
Fall Graduation (December) June 15
Spring Graduation (May) September 15

View complete information for graduating and complete the Graduation Application.

Recognition will be made of those students who have achieved academic excellence carrying a 3.5 or higher grade point average after each academic term. The full-time Dean’s List recognizes students carrying 12 or more credit hours for a term; the part-time Dean’s List recognizes students carrying 6 to 11 credit hours for a term. This achievement will be released on a regular basis to local newspapers if the student has indicated that the College may publish this information (see “Educational Rights and Privacy Act”).  If a student has requested that their directory information remain confidential, their name will not be released to the media when the Dean’s List is announced. You can change your confidentiality by signing the release form located in the Admissions/Advising Office in Public Service 148.

Log into STARS Online and select the Student Services menu. Go to Registration and click on Concise Student Schedule, Student Schedule by Day & Time, or Student Detail Schedule.

This statute is designed to protect the privacy of student records and governs access to those records maintained by an educational institution. It further requires that students be advised of their rights concerning “educational records” and of certain categories of public information which the College designates as “directory information.” Copies of the Act and the federal regulations adopted pursuant to it are available in the Records Office, Room 150 of the Public Service Building.

In accordance with the Privacy Act, Rhodes State College has designated the following as “Directory Information”: name, address, telephone listing, e-mail address, college major, past
and present participation in officially recognized activities and sports (including height), place of birth, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received (including honor rolls and dates conferred) and all previous educational agency or institution attended. The college may release “Directory Information” to third parties, e.g. news groups, without a student's consent.

Students have the right to have directory information withheld, however, by so designating this preference on either the application for admission or on a special waiver form available in the Office of Admissions & Advising, 148 Public Service Building. 

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