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The Agriculture Associates degree program is designed to provide students with practical education in an increasing demand field.  The first-year students will learn fundamental Agronomy and Agriculture Business aspects to provide a foundation for their second-year study of their choosing in either Prescription Mapping or Robotics with Artificial Intelligence.  The prescription mapping program prepares graduates for careers in soil and water conservation, field application, agronomic consultant technician, and agriculture sales, associate.  The Robotics and Artificial Intelligence option prepares students to support and gather information from robotic agricultural equipment.

While completing the Prescription Mapping program, the students will acquire fundamental information about Ohio’s agricultural soil variation and associated cropping practices, agriculture product sales and return on investment evaluation, and apply those principles to technical skills in creating prescription maps from laboratory and field-based results.  While completing the Robotics with Artificial Intelligence program, the students will utilize the same fundamental agronomy and agriculture business skills while working with emerging technical innovations.

This technical agriculture program provides a strong foundation for students who wish to earn pesticide application and crop advisor certifications. 

Program Outcomes

  • Communicate effectively in both written and oral form with coworkers, customers, and others in and about prescription mapping in agriculture.
  • Locate and use information and numerical data in solving problems related to technology, equipment, software, and sensors in agriculture.
  • Use equipment, technology, software, and sensors safely and efficiently to collect data.
  • Produce prescription agriculture maps and to make an action plan from given data set.
  • Demonstrate initiative, leadership, and planning in building professional relationships in the workplace.

This Program is for...

  1. Those who want to work at farms and local businesses in support of farm technology
  2. Farmers wanting to understand the technology to make the best possible decision on their farm, and
  3. Current employees of both farms and businesses who need upskilled in the latest technology. 

Also young people interested in agriculture, those with little to no agriculture or farming experience, or farmers desiring a better value for their work are encouraged to explore the four new certificates being offered. Agriculture is an industry with cutting edge technology that is often overlooked by those with specialized interest in robotics, artificial intelligence, computer aided decision making, and robust data management interest and this program is especially reaching out to those who share this interest.

Plan of Study

Prescription Mapping Specialization

Robotics and Intelligence Specialization

Certificates Also Available

Agriculture Business

The Agriculture Business certificate is a basic introduction to agriculture that helps all students develop the ability to communicate with agriculture customers.  The certificate helps employees manage themselves and others, introduces the concept of agriculture commodity marketing and how to niche market non-commodity agriculture products.  A work-based learning experience is also built into the certificate that allows the student to work in a sector of agriculture to develop networking and skill acquisition.  Students who complete the Ag. Business certificate will be ready for entry into retail, supply chain or agricultural consulting firms.

Robotics/Artificial Intelligence

Agriculture Robotics/Artificial Intelligence is a certificate that leads to well-paying career possibilities.  Each student can earn a FANUC robot certificate that allows them to program, troubleshoot, repair and use FANUC robots in autonomous robot production facilities. The student will also learn about programming, operating, troubleshooting, repairing and using robots in the agriculture sector.  This may include setting up autonomous tractors, sprayers and combines with data gathering sensors and software. The employers in the region remind us that there are many jobs in this area still to be invented as technology advances at a rapid pace.


The Agronomy certificate will cover Introduction to Agronomic Crops, Integrated Pest Management, Introduction to Soils and Nutrient Management. The coursework is the foundational knowledge and scientific background that a Certified Crop Advisor or a Farmer needs to make informed choices to optimize crop yield.  Best management practices, resource conservation, 4R principles, and crop stability will be integrated into the courses.

Prescription Mapping

The Prescription Mapping certification covers, GPS, GIS, unmanned aerial systems (both how to fly and how to use drones in agriculture), precision equipment, and making the prescriptive maps from collected data.  Equipment calibration, data quality, multi-year analysis and information transfer will be included in the courses. Farmers, precision technicians, agronomy sales, and certified crop advisors will find this training valuable for technology driven decision making.