Findlay, OH - A small company in northwest Ohio is lighting it up for local airports and private airplane pilots across the country.  Control Industries has been in business since 1972 and a PTAC client since March 8, 2019.  The small business, which employs two people, designs “Receiver Controllers” designed to allow maximum utilization of airport runway lighting systems during hours when the airport may be unattended.  Runway or Approach lighting systems may be activated, controlled or dimmed remotely by using the radio controllers. It is accomplished by keying the microphone button of the aircraft VHF communication transmitter in the approaching aircraft.  No special equipment is needed in the aircraft.

Control Industries President Renae Clouse confirmed her company has been awarded a five-year Blanket Purchase Agreement from the Federal Aviation Administration for up to $609,225.  The BPA will allow the FAA to purchase the controllers on an as needed basis for local airports. Clouse said, “We are in a unique situation because we are currently the only company that makes the unit.”  She says the orders come in sporadically, but they expect about $100,000 or more worth of orders in a 12-month period.  Clouse says she appreciates PTAC checking with her and offering assistance with government contracting opportunities.

Lima, OH – Entering government office buildings in Allen County and the city of Lima is much safer now thanks to Londell Smith & Associates, LLC.  Establish in 2011, LS&A created a professional cleaning and sanitizing service, OMG Sanitizing Ohio, in 2018 as an extended vison for its business.  So far this year, LS&A has acquired a 5-building cleaning contract with the City of Lima, and sold Hydroxyl Generators to provide 24/7 Sanitizing in various Allen County (OH) buildings.  These two opportunities represent $152,000 in increased sales revenue.

Hydroxyl Generators, developed by NASA and used in the space station, operate in the building 24 hours a day treating the air and surfaces with an EPA registered sanitizing system.  The Hydroxyl Generators use a form of hydrogen peroxide gas that has no smell, and can be operated while people are in the building. 

“We have thoroughly enjoyed our working relationship with the Northwest Ohio PTAC” said Londell Smith, owner of Londell Smith & Associates.  “Doug (Durliat) and Kent (Kahn) have provided outstanding support, helping us register our cleaning & sanitizing services with local, state and federal governments.”  LS&A also participates in various workshops, webinars and trainings that provide additional knowledge and resources for continued sustainability and growth in the local community. 

Findlay, OH – CentraComm- is a woman owned small business information technology cybersecurity and network infrastructure company.  Along with government contracting opportunities, owner Lynn Childs is looking for opportunities to help businesses meet the Cybersecurity NIST standards required for companies to contract with the Department of Defense.  Childs is quite pleased with the services PTAC offers and the customer services provided during a follow up meeting.  During that meeting relevant NAICS codes and Keywords were entered to accurately meet the capabilities of CentraComm.  “Brian, Kellie, and I enjoyed learning more about PTAC and its operations.  Your professional and personal interest in our success mean so much to us.  We look forward to future such opportunities and to suggesting that our other colleagues contact you to learn about PTAC services as well.”  Childs went on to say, “Truly, you have and continue to help our clients, the CentraComm team and our company.  Such advocacy means a tremendous amount to all of us.  Thank you!”

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