No, you do not need to have documentation prior to the Intake Interview.

Yes, you may have the school send over your latest IEP and ETR prior to the Intake Interview. You may also bring any relevant documentation to the Accommodations Intake meeting.

Yes, you may bring someone to the Intake Interview.  Accommodative Services staff will meet one-on-one with the student during the introduction. The student may give permission for additional persons to participate in the meeting at that time.  However, the student seeking accommodations has a responsibility to communicate on their own behalf during the intake.

Accommodative Services is located on the Rhodes State Campus in the Technical Education Laboratory room 132. View Map.

Guests can park in any unmarked spot in the open parking lots.  Parking lots can be viewed on the campus map.

No, you may not implement any accommodations until you have received an official letter from the Office of Accommodative Services.

No, accommodations are not retro-active. Please contact the Office of Accommodative Services at 419-995-8009 for further questions regarding accommodations.

Contact the Office of Accommodative Services at 419-995-8009 to discuss the situation.