In 2018 Kent and Diane Kahn became the directors of a Charitable Remainder Trust upon the passing of Kent’s mother, Celia Kahn. The Kahn’s chose to direct a portion of this Charitable Remainder Trust to the Rhodes State College Foundation to establish four named and endowed student scholarships in memory of Kent’s parent, his grandparents, and in honor of their children and themselves. The scholarship, listed below, were first awarded in the 2019-2020 academic year.

  • Jim and Celia Kahn Scholarship
  • Mark and Ruth Ettinger Scholarship
  • Jaime Collins and Lindsay Kahn-Vargo Scholarship
  • Kent and Diane Kahn Scholarship 

Kent and Diane shared in an interview about this decision and why they chose the Rhodes State College Foundation. 

How did you decide to direct a portion of your mother’s Charitable Remainder Trust to the Rhodes State College Foundation?

It is wonderful to leave a family legacy, but even more importantly it helps students get an education to better themselves and the community.  Knowledge is power.  It’s great to lessen the financial burden for a student so they may concentrate on learning, supporting their families and being successful. 

How did you find your experience in creating the scholarships in honor and memory of your family members?

It is not difficult, but fun and challenging to pick the criteria and provide scholarships to students who have an interest in business or information technology.

What was most important to you in directing this planned gift?

To increase the opportunity for more students to access knowledge and information that will lead to success in their personal lives and professional careers.

How did you feel to see the first scholarship recipients of your scholarships?

It was a terrific feeling!  We were proud and honored to give someone a scholarship they worked hard to achieve and deserve. 

What would you tell others considering a planned gift to the Rhodes State College Foundation?

Creating a scholarship with the Rhodes State College Foundation is seamless and very rewarding.  It reduces the financial burden for students while giving them the opportunity through learning and education to improve their lives.  Supporting students is very gratifying.

Is there anything else you want to share with those considering a planned gift to the Rhodes State College Foundation?

It’s an ideal way to help students’ year after year get an education that will have a life-long impact on themselves, their families and the communities where they work.  To steal a phrase, “Just Do It!”