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Pre-Apprenticeships & Certifications for High School Students

Ohio law provides new graduation requirements that offer students opportunities to demonstrate competency and readiness as they pursue their chosen new steps after high school.  Rhodes State offers these alternatives to high school graduation in the form of Certifications and Pre-Apprenticeships.  A Pre-Apprenticeship provides a pathway to an Apprenticeship by incorporating experiences into academic credit, saving students time and money as they advance their academic credentials to contribute to a strong, educated workforce.  

What is a Certification?

An industry-recognized credential is a qualification of a specific set of competencies related to an industry or occupation.  Earn a 12-point approved industry-recognized credential or group of credentials totaling 12 points in a single career field. These credentials can take many different forms, including certificates, certifications and licenses.

What is a Pre-Apprenticeship?

Pre-Apprenticeship is designed to prepare students to enter and succeed in an Apprenticeship Program.  These programs promote a diverse and skilled workforce, and prepare participants to meet the basic qualifications for entry into an apprenticeship through:

  • An approved training curriculum based on industry standards
  • Hands-on training in a simulated lab experience or through volunteer opportunities or work experience
  • Assistance in applying to Apprenticeship programs
  • Pre-apprenticeship programs involve formal partnerships with at least one apprenticeship program sponsor.

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