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For Business, Engineering Technology, or Information Technology Majors:

Please start the internship process early.  Students must complete an experiential education experience such as an internship to fulfill their degree requirements at Rhodes State and obtain on-the-job experience. A student’s internship experience can occur at any time after they have completed their first semester at the College.  

  1. Contact Krista Richardson, Director, Career Development, at (419) 995-8312 or to discuss specific internship needs and for assistance connecting with employers.
  2. Search and secure an internship. Create a student College Central Network (or CCN) account, create and/or update a resume, upload resume to CCN account, and practice interviewing skills.  To search for an internship opportunity listed in CCN, please refer to the CCN Student Registration Instructions. 
  3. Once a student has interviewed and secured an internship, they need complete the required forms, Internship Agreement Form and Activity Release Form. Don’t forget to have the employer sign the Internship Agreement Form!
  4. Students must submit the required forms to their Program Chair for approval so that they can register for their program 2991 course.
  5. Twice during a student’s internship, they can expect to be contacted by their faculty member for a request to schedule on-site or virtual visits.
  6. Students must also complete an evaluation form at the end of their internship and return that form to their faculty member.
  7. Enjoy your internship experience!

For all other major areas of study:

Students are encouraged to contact their Program Advisor for specific information related to their program, or for additional information, please contact Krista Richardson, Director, Career Development, at (419) 995-8312 or


Rhodes State College interns are a valuable resource to your organization. You have the ability to create a pipeline of talented candidates for potential full-time employment.  Rhodes State students must complete an experiential education experience such as an internship to fulfill their degree requirements at Rhodes State. 

  1. To post an internship in the College Central Network (or CCN) system, please refer to the CCN Employer Help Sheet or contact Krista Richardson, Director, Career Development, at (419) 995-8312 or
  2. Once an employer has interviewed and offered an internship to a Rhodes State student, they need to request the Internship Agreement Form from the student so that they can complete their portion of the form and sign it. This form needs to be completed before a student can start their internship.
  3. Twice during a student’s internship, please expect to be contacted by the student’s faculty member for a request to schedule on-site or virtual visits.
  4. Internship supervisors must also complete an evaluation form at the end of a student’s internship and return that form to the student’s faculty member.