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We are so glad you have chosen Rhodes State College to begin your educational journey.  Your next step is to connect with your Success Navigator.  Your one-on-one personal Navigator will guide you through each step of the enrollment process.   In addition to providing your Rhodes State ID, username, and initial password, he/she will answer your questions about financial aid, scholarships, major selection, and course registration for your first term. If you ever have a question, don’t hesitate to call, text, or email your Navigator.  If you have already applied, your Navigator will be in touch with you; however, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Navigator if you want to get a jump on the process. 

If you haven’t applied or don’t know who to contact, email or call 419-995-8320 and we’ll connect you with a Navigator.

Chad Teman

Director, Adult & Traditional Enrollment
Call or Text: (419) 204-4194

Abbi Burkhart

Student Success Navigator
Call or Text: (419) 204-9829

Heather Seddelmeyer

Student Success Navigator
Call or Text: (419) 204-9857

Crystal Snyder

Student Success Navigator
Call or Text: (419) 204-9885

Matt Severson

New Student Success Navigator
(419) 905-9077

Kristi Garber

CARE Center Specialist
(419) 995-8104