The following buildings (AKA Houses) will have boxes in each lobby and for the sake of this food drive, we have renamed them as:

Public Service = Blue: Platform 9 3/4 
Science = Blue: Snape's Science 
Keese = Blue: Knockturn Alley 
Tech Lab = Orange: Tomes and Scrolls 
JJC = Orange: James Potter's Bldg
Cook Hall = Orange: Cauldron
Borra = White: Bertie's Bott's

To Win the House Cup, purchase item(s) from the list below.  These items include things that are most needed or most requested at our food pantry.  All non-perishable food items can be dropped in the designated boxes in the lobby of your building. Perishable items must be brought to The SHOP on Main Campus or The SHOP on Borra for refrigeration (including Meal Kits). In order to take credit for your donation, PLEASE list your building name on the item.  We have sharpies and sticky notes in The SHOP if needed.

If physically shopping is not your thing, we have made it EASY for you to shop from our Amazon Wishlist.  It can be sent straight to our food pantries.  You’ll just need to make sure you list the name of the building in the “gift” section HERE.

Not into items?  You can donate money! Each $1 donated is 2 points towards your building (IE $10 = 20 points)! Please click HERE to make a monetary donation.  Be sure to click “The SHOP” in the drop-down menu.  Also, to make sure your donation is credited to the correct building, be sure to leave a comment with your building name!

The winning building will receive a pancake breakfast along with the house cup. The Magic of YOU makes the magic of The Shop. Any questions can be directed to

Ground beef, chicken, turkey, sausage-50 pts
Chicken breast, tenderloin or thighs-50 pts
Seafood-50 pts
Hamburger Patties-50 pts
Sausage-50 pts
Bacon or Breakfast Sausage-25 pts
Hot Dogs-25 pts
Deli Meat-20 pts
Deli Cheese-20 pts
Case of yogurt-15 pts
Milk-15 pts
Lunchables-15 pts
Spreadable cheese wedges or Snacking cheese-15 pts
Fresh Produce –10 pts
Bread – 10 pts

Canned Tuna-50 pts
Canned Chicken-50 pts
Canned Beef-50 pts
Canned Salmon -50 pts
Cereal-30 pts
Canned fruit-25 pts
Beverages (case or large bottles – ie case of water or juice)–25 pts
Box of oatmeal-20 pts
Box of individually wrapped snacks-20 pts
Soup-20 pts
Instant mashed potatoes-15 pts
Individual lunch items (IE cup-o-soup, can of ravioli) -15 pts
Rice-15 pts
Dry milk-15 pts
Tortillas-15 pts
Taco shells-15 pts
Drink flavoring enhancers-10 pts
Peanut butter-10 pts
Syrup-10 pts
Seasonings-10 pts
Bouillon cubes-10 pts
Broth-10 pts
Canned fruit-25 pts
Canned vegetables-5 pts
Canned beans–5 pts
Honey-5 pts
Cooking spray-5 pts

Meal Kits (200):
Taco Kit
-Ground Beef or Chicken
-Taco shells
-Taco seasoning
-Diced tomatoes
-Spanish rice
-Black or Pinto beans

Shepherd's Pie
-Ground Beef
-Canned Beans
-Canned Corn
-2 small cans of gravy
-Instant Mashed Potatoes
-Garlic Powder
-Parmesan Cheese

Fried Rice
-Ground chicken or shrimp
-Canned peas and carrots
-Sesame Oil
-Soy sauce

-Cream Cheese
-Bacon or Breakfast Sausage
-Pancake Mix
-Fresh Fruit

Cleaning supplies
-Laundry detergent-225 pts
-Dryer sheets or Fabric softener -75 pts
-Bathroom cleaner-35 pts
-Multipurpose cleaner-35 pts
-Dusting Spray-35 pts
-Windex-35 pts
-Dish detergent-20 pts
-Scent booster beads-20 pts
-Scrubbies-10 pts

-Tampons or Pads-75 pts
-Deodorant–50 pts
-Box of condoms–35 pts
-Body wash-35 pts
-Baby Wipes - 15 pts
-Shampoo-15 pts
-Conditioner - 15 pts