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Rhodes State College Announces Spring 2023 Dean’s List

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Rhodes State College Announces Spring 2023 Dean’s List        

Lima, OHIO (May 25, 2023) – Rhodes State College announces the 2023 Spring Semester Dean's Lists for full-time and part-time students.


FULL-TIME STUDENTS To be eligible for this full-time Dean’s List, a student must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours and earn a 3.5 grade point average or higher.

Name                                       City                 State                  

----------------------------------- -------------------- -----                 

Sofia Kaylee Hernandez              Ada                    OH                  

Max Anthony McFarland                                                          


Kody Micheal Logan                    Alger                  OH                  

Grant R Scott                                                                  


Meredith Boes                           Bellevue              OH                  


Jill Ann Greve                           Botkins                OH                  


Donnie Allen Hudson                 Celina                  OH                  

Dakota E Leugers                                                                

Kyle Kenneth Rempe                                                             

Chuck Allen Stump                                                              

Megan Brooke Tolson                                                             


Ryan Andrew Bogart                 Columbus Grove    OH                  

Caiden Gregory Davis                                                            

Caitlin Dee Ricker                                                             


Noah Gerald Becher                   Continental          OH                   


Grace Ann Louise Jewel             Convoy                 OH                  


Jesse Eugene Kean                    De Graff               OH                  


Gwendoline Lynch                     Delaware              OH                  


Cierra Lin Allenbaugh                 Delphos               OH                  

Lydia Christine Werts                                                          

Tricia Elizabeth Yahl                                                           


Jacob Henry Diller                  Dunkirk                   OH                  


Jason Michael Epp                   East Liberty            OH                  


Rylynn Elizabeth Marquiss           Elida                   OH                   


Nicholas David Fruth                Findlay                   OH                  

Blaine Michael Maag                                                             

Lindsey Alexandria Shaw                                                        


Steve Jacob Gault                   Forest                     OH                  


Tori Lynn Thomas                    Fort Jennings          OH                  


Matthew Muncrief                    Hilliard                   OH                  


Nathan Andrew Huffman          Huntsville               OH                  

Samuel Terry Kirkpatrick                                                        

Carter Evan Klauer                                    

Easton Blake Klauer                                                            

Tracy Ozioma Ogbonna-Onyema                                                     

Robert Michael Weikart                                                         


Wendy Lynn Howard                   Kenton                 OH                  

Kyle A Richards                                                                

Dylan Christopher Ward                                                         

Crystal Evelynn Wood                                                           


Nicholas Daniel Bean                Lima                   OH                  

Carniyah Brown                                                                 

Hayes Matthew Burton                                                            

Austin Joseph Courtney                                                         

Jierre Dansby                                                                  

Wendalynn A Dunlap                                                              

Gabriel Trey Golden                                                            

Lou Marie Hardenbrook                                                          

Cameron Allen Hedrick                                                           

Thomas Joesph Himsel                                                           

Breanna Paige Kahle                                                            

Randy James Ketterer                                                            

Brian Everett Manuel                                                           

Markellis Daltez Martin                                                        

Tiah Lee McCreary                                                              

Ashley Anne McGue                                                              

Ashton Neff                                                                    

Makenna Rose Nungester                                                         

Jennifer Kay Shaw                                                              

Rachel Gail Shelton                                                            

Cheyenne Xandra Sherman                                                        

Eric Leslie Spence                                                              

Jacquetta Lea Taylor                                                           

Isaiah James Thompson                                                          

Jordan Joseph Vanbuskirk                                                        

Kyle Steven Wall                                                               

Dalpha Carmel Winegardner                                                      


Geran Jayson Wagle                  Maplewood              OH                  


Dylan Chase Schlosser               Melrose                   OH                   


Jennifer Margaret Keiser            Monroe                    OH                  


Audra Lane Kirchhofer               New Lebanon           OH                  


Kaitlynn Marie Grant                 North Baltimore        OH                  


Bethany Lynn Wallace               Ohio City                 OH                  


Tanner Daniel Blankemeyer        Ottawa                   OH                  

Jacob William Croy                                                             


Weston H Macke                        Pandora                 OH                  

Caden Allen Roby                                                              


Shania Carine Lloyd                   Rockford               OH                  

Crystol Rasbach                                                                


Macie Renee Hagens                Saint Marys            OH                   


Alexis Nicole Clem                   Saint Paris              OH                  


Cole Allen Market                    Spencerville            OH                  


Mckenzie Ann Duling                Toledo                   OH                  


Katherine Elizabeth Werts         Union City             OH                  


Ashley Jo Clark                        Upper Sandusky     OH                  


Cierra Brown                            Van Wert               OH                  


Alexandra Boyd                        Wapakoneta            OH                  

Kelsey A Pangle                                                                

PART-TIME STUDENTS: To be eligible, a student must be enrolled in at least six but not more than 11 credit hours and earn a 3.5 grade point average or higher.

Name                                City                 State                 

----------------------------------- -------------------- -----                 

Tanner Elizabeth Zwiebel            Elida                  OH                  


Brianna April Joy Ashley            Findlay                OH                   

Caleb James Aukerman                                                           

Derrick Wayne Elliott                                                          

Cienna Pearl Kennedy                                                           

Brenna Lay                                                                     

Kiana Maureen Robinson                                                         

Andrew A Ross                                                                  


Jessica Christine Breidenbach       Forest                OH                  

Sarah Theresa Gilbert                                                          


Collin Michael Arroyo                    Fort Jennings     OH                  

Isabelle Elaine Furley                                                         


Sierra M Henning                          Fort Loramie      OH                  


Kendra Renee Dues                       Fort Recovery    OH                  

Grace E Klingshirn                                                             

Courtney Iva May                                                               


Emma Irene Diyanni                       Granville          OH                  


Reece Mackenzi Charles                   Heath              OH                  


Morgan Elizabeth Huber                Jackson Center     OH                  


Elyse Maria Romes                        Kalida                 OH                  


Courtney Jade Blackburn               Kenton                OH                  

Aubrey Lan Hattery                                                              

Chloe Hoa Hattery                                                              

Jacob Bryant Long                                                              

Reonna Helen Shafer                                                             


Autumn Nichole Taylor                   Lafayette             OH                  


Seth Apple                                    Leipsic                OH                  

Tessa Sue Long                                                                 

Travis Michael Maag                                                             

Corey Plassman                                                                 


Josie Noelle Addis                           Lima                   OH                  

Chinenye Jennifer Anike                                                        

Tyler E Beemer                                                                 

Elliot Joseph Beerline                                                         

Sarah Taylor Benjamin                                                          

Kylie Biglow                                                                   

Lauren Ashley Boggs                                                            

Ellena M Carmean                                       

Megan Kay Chiles                                                               

Candace Erin Cody                                                              

Adrien P Fingerle                                                               

Zachary Daniel Golden                                                          

Abigail Day Good                                                               

Seth Henry Grieshop                                                             

Cameron Michael Griffith                                                       

Kristen Louise Harris                                                          

Emma Renee Johnson                                                             

James Donald McNulty II                                                        

Matthew Dean Nalley                                                            

Jamy D Nusbaum                                                                 

Alysa Danelle Rader                                                            

Amanda M Ramirez                                                               

Dylan Joseph Schiffler                                                         

Seth Sharp                                                                      

Kaitlyn Nicole Sherrick                                                        

LaTisha T Szalla                                                               

Cheyenne Nikole Tarbet                                                          

Grace Linn Throckmorton                                                        

Donna J Tremmel                                                                

Kaitlyn Paige Triplett                                                          

Lily Vondrell                                                                  

Shannon Wannemacher                                                            

Jace Eugene Woods                                                               

Cecelia Grace Worsham                                                          


Megan Louise Clark                        Marion                 OH                  

Kandace Sue Crabtree                                                           


Stacy Nicole Applegate                  Marysville              OH                  


Madelynn Sue Jordan                     Mount Gilead         OH                  


Reilly K Steffel                               Napoleon               OH                  


Kaleb Michael Long                         Nashport               OH                  


Korinne Nicole McCrorie                   Newark                 OH                  


Caitlin Jo Bockrath                          Ottawa                 OH                  

Gabriel Stefan Dennis                                                          

Lauren Mae Diller                                                              

Michael Ray Dulle                                                               

Delanie Elizabeth Leap                                                         

Stephanie Ellen Lopez                                                          

Dylan Andrew Meyer                                                              


Michael Jay Turnwald                      Ottoville              OH 


Addilyn Christine Diller                   Pandora                OH                  


Ella Crist                                       Rawson                 OH                  


Lauren Ashley Luebke                    Saint Henry            OH                  


Caleigh Elizabeth Christman           Saint Marys            OH                  


Lydia Mae Zimpfer                         Sidney                 OH                  


Reagan Emily Bercaw                    Spencerville           OH                   

William J Settlemire                                                           

Delrae Gene Siegrist                                                           


Caitlan Whitney Loffing                   Urbana                 OH                  


Alexis Marie Dowdy                        Van Wert               OH                  

Tiana Dezireé Groves                                                           

Ella Elizabeth Hernandez                                                       

Grace Elizabeth Mayes                                                          

David Greggory Blaze McMonigal                                                 

Joshua James Weiss                                                             


Shelly D Bendele                            Wapakoneta          OH                  

Peter Benjamin Brooks                                                          

Trinity Alexis Gearing                                                         

Riley Ann Hutt                                                                  

Lillian Grace McPeek                                                           

Caleb Smallwood Melton                                                         

Sabrina Ann Micco                                                               

Lyndsey Nicole Morris                                                          

Caleb David Reser                                                              

Brittany R Saam                                                                 

Tanner James Schroeder                                                         

Stephanie Kristine Smith                                                       


Ezekiel H Knob                               Waynesfield             OH                  


Karrie Lynn Bluck-Lauvray               West Lafayette         OH                  


Kimberly Barrett                             West Mansfield         OH                  


Lonell Mae Howard                          Williamstown           OH