The Ohio Department of Higher Education chancellor making a stop in downtown Lima at the Borra Center for Health Sciences

The head of the Ohio Department of Higher Education taking time to tour Rhodes State College’s new Borra Center for Health Sciences this morning.

Chancellor Randy Gardner is getting a chance to take in all the high-tech, state-of-the-art training and educational equipment that is being used at the center. Many of which are the first of their kind being used in the classroom: virtual cadavers, simulated rollover accident vehicles, and more. Gardner was impressed with the facilities, its degrees, and its use by outside agencies.

Chancellor Randy Gardner adds, “This isn’t just about traditional higher education. It’s about meeting the needs of the community and of people who are out saving lives and protecting lives in the community. I just think that’s what’s exciting about higher education. It needs to be relevant; it needs to be timely; it needs to be up to date. That’s what people expect of higher education and Rhodes State College is doing it in a grand way.”

President of Rhodes State College Cynthia Spiers adds, “I think the state legislature did a phenomenon job in helping push forward the ability for community colleges to offer baccalaureate degrees. There is so much need across the state for in-demand jobs and of course, nursing and healthcare are some of those jobs that are just in such dire need.”

The Ohio Department of Higher Education is a cabinet-level agency for Governor Mike DeWine. It was previously known as the Ohio Board of Regents.

It oversees higher education for the state approving new degrees, manages state-funded financial aid programs, and maximizes its contributions to the state and its citizens.