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rhodes-state-alumni-ambassador-2.pngThank you for your interest in becomming a Rhodes State Alumni Ambassador. 

As an Ambassador, you are the doorway to great opportunities from Rhodes State College for your workplace and fellow alumni who work with you! The Alumni Ambassador network at Rhodes State consists of proud Lima Technical College or Rhodes State alums who can answer questions, distribute resources, and hand out Rhodes State goodies. By serving as an Ambassador, you are supporting current and future students as well as gaining great connections among your peers. 

What does a Rhodes State College Alumni Ambassador Do?

  • Serve as a resource for fellow alumni in your workplace, where they can come to get resources about Rhodes State's continuing education opportunities, events, and more. 
  • Help to set-up/host a Rhodes State table when the College is coming to your workplace. 
  • Brainstorm about ways your organization can help current students get hands-on experience in the workforce.
  • Welcome new alumni employees to your organization with a Rhodes State gift.

How does it work?

  • After you sign up to be an Ambassador, you will receive a package in the mail containing some Rhodes State gifts and gear (just for you!), some basic Rhodes State information, and other goodies that you can hand out to your fellow alums at work if you want.
    • Information that Ambassadors will have: Continuing Education Opportunities, College & Alumni Events and Campaigns, Trips, Alumni Networking Opportunities 
  • On a quarterly basis, you will receive more information and a gift from us! The information will be helpful to you if a co-worker has a Rhodes State question.
  • On a limited basis, we may visit your workplace for a Rhodes State Day. We set these up through your organization's leadership. You will not need to help with this unless you would like to help set-up/host a Rhodes State table. 
  • If a new employee enters your workplace, and you discover they are an LTC or Rhodes graduate, you can let us know, and we'll send you a gift for them.
  • You will never be asked to solicit or approach your co-workers. If a co-worker who is a Rhodes State or LTC alum has a question or needs a resource, they will contact you to set up an appropriate time to pick it up or stop by. They will know who you are through emails sent from the College to addresses they have voluntarily given to us. 

Ready to Sign Up?

Click Here to Become an Ambassador