Associate of Technical Studies Overview

Rhodes State College wants to help every student achieve their career dreams. When it becomes clear that a student’s educational goals cannot be accomplished through one of the existing technical programs, the Office of Advising will assist with the initiation of the Associate of Technical Studies (ATS) degree.

Once the student has worked with an advisor to ensure that all program requirements are met, the student will complete an application for entrance into the ATS. The application should be created with assistance from the Division Dean, Program Chair, or a designated faculty advisor. The completed application is presented to the Dean overseeing the major program of participation for review with the student and advisor to ensure that the plan meets the overall objectives of the ATS degree and the needs of the student.

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Career Opportunities

Personalized course of study to produce a customized learning experience and designed for a career in allied health, business/public service, or engineering technology/information technology.

Q & A

  1. What are the focus section of this degree program?
    1. I/T and engineering technology
    2. Allied Health Technologies
    3. Business Technologies
    4. Public Service Technologies


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