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Career Opportunities

Upon completion of this certificate, the recipients will be able to effectively communicate with Deaf persons in informal settings such in teaching, human services, or health care; enhance their credentials for employment opportunities, or may choose to transfer into a bachelor’s degree Interpreter Training Program to become a licensed interpreter[i].

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Q & A

  • Are the American Language Courses transferable to other colleges and universities in Ohio?
    • The American Sign Language courses at Rhodes State College are approved as Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. They are guaranteed to count toward a major or minor in deaf students at any Ohio public four-year college or university.
  • Are the American Language Courses offered online?
    • The first two courses in the certificate, American Sign Language I and II are typically offered online.  The last two courses in the certificate, American Sign Language III and IV are offered online and on-campus, depending on student needs.
  • When are the courses offered?
    • American Sign Language I and III are generally offered in the fall and American Sign Language II and IV are generally offered in the spring. Courses in the summer are offered as needed by students.

Program Highlights

Topics of study include Deaf culture and its history, fingerspelling, American Sign Language, and interpersonal communication. This includes using non-manual cues or markers such as facial expressions to facilitate communication

  • Meets the foreign language requirement for bachelor of arts degree programs in liberal arts at most four year institutions in Ohio, including Ohio State University, Miami University, University of Toledo, Akron, and Bowling Green State University.
  • Adding this skill to your résumé can lead to greater job opportunities, higher earning potential, and make you a more valuable member of a team.
  • The certificate introduces students to the skills involved in the practice interpreting through the knowledge and theory of American Sign Language.


[i] National Interpreter Certification (NIC) candidates must possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree (any major), complete a knowledge and performance exam, and patriciate in an interview.  For information on the certification process, visit

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