Rhodes State College Awarded $50,000 Great Minds Fellowship Grant to Strengthen Behavioral Health Workforce

Rhodes State College is proud to announce the receipt of a $50,000 Great Minds Fellowship Grant aimed at bolstering the region’s behavioral health workforce. The grant will provide critical support for students pursuing degrees or certificates in various behavioral health fields and foster the growth of professionals in social work, marriage and family therapy, mental health counseling, psychiatric/mental health nursing, and substance abuse/addiction counseling.

The Great Minds Fellowship is an innovative program designed to empower students who are within two years of graduating with the skills, knowledge, and commitment needed to excel in the field of behavioral health. As part of the fellowship, students must make a dedicated commitment to undertake their internships at participating Ohio Community Behavioral Health Centers (CBHCs). Upon successful graduation, these fellowship recipients are then required to commit to at least one year of employment at a participating Ohio CBHC, ensuring the retention of top-tier talent in the state’s behavioral health sector.

Rhodes State is pleased to report a surge of interest in this program, with 16 students currently enrolled in the Addictions Certificate, qualifying them to become certified Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistants (CDCAs), Preliminary and Renewal. This certification equips graduates with the knowledge to support individuals battling addiction and substance abuse, a critical role in today’s society. With the Great Minds Fellowship, aspiring CDCAs will have the opportunity to further their education and professional growth, contributing to the well-being of our community.

The grant will be instrumental in advancing academic programs housed within the newly opened Justin Borra Behavioral Services Center at Rhodes. This state-of-the-art facility has the latest technology and resources to provide students with the best possible education and training in the behavioral health disciplines. The grant will support 23 Addiction Services Certificate students at Rhodes State.

“The behavioral health field needs a compassionate and dedicated workforce and this grant is an opportunity to help those who want to dedicate themselves to a career of helping others,” Dr. Patricia Hampshire, Chair of Public Service and Assistant Professor of the Addictions, Mental Health, and Social Work Assistant program at Rhodes State.

For more information about the Great Minds Fellowship Grant or Rhodes State College’s commitment to enhancing the behavioral health workforce, please contact Dr. Patricia Hampshire at Hampshire.p@rhodesstate.edu or visit our website at www.rhodesstate.edu.