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Rhodes State College ready to prepare students for Intel and other manufacturing jobs

Intel made history when they announced a $20 billion investment in Ohio to build what could be their largest semiconductor chip location in the world. It will be located in Licking County just outside of Columbus. The first phase of the project will start with two plants, with the potential of building eight over time. Intel also announced 3,000 new jobs to start and with other industries that could bring additional high-tech jobs to the state.

Governor Mike DeWine says Ohio’s Universities and Community College will be working to build a curriculum for associate and four-year degree students to train for this new workforce. Rhodes State College is ready to step up and help train this new workforce that will be needed and continue to help local manufacturers fill their jobs.

“We are renovating a space that is available now on this campus,” says Dr. Cynthia Spiers, President of Rhodes State College. “We are going to be redesigning our Engineering Tech Labs and expanding those so that we will be really dealing with what an emerging workforce might need. We have met with all of the industry in the area, and with Intel and the supply chain industries coming on board we will be working with them as well. We think we have a really solid foundation for helping this program and this partnership to have success.”

Intel announced they will start their production in their first two chip factories in 2025.