Our Policies

  • The tester has the responsibility to arrange with their instructor, higher education institution, employer, or other testing provider to have tests sent to the testing center. Tests must be at the testing center prior to any scheduled exam time.
  • A Rhodes State College student ID is required for Rhodes State College Students. Other testers will need to provide a government issued ID prior to testing.
  • All expiration dates are honored. Expired tests will not be administered until approval is received from the test provider.
  • All tests are due by closing time, finished or not. A 15 minute and a 5 minute warning will be given prior to closing.
  • Only the tester is allowed in the testing room. All others may sit in the Testing Center waiting area. Children may not be left unattended in the Testing Center waiting area.
  • Once a test has begun, a tester may not leave the testing room unless there is an emergency or a permitted scheduled break. If there is a specific medical reason that the tester may need to leave the testing area, the proctor should be made aware prior to the tester entering the testing room.
  • Only permitted testing materials will be allowed into the testing room. Items will be inspected prior to entering the testing room.  All other items will need to be secured in a locker.
  • Testers must return all testing materials, including scratch paper, to the proctor.
  • The Testing Center reserves the right to refuse testing to any disruptive tester. If a disruption occurs the proctor will file an incident report and copy it to the appropriate authority.
  • All testers must leave the area for just cause (eg. Fire drills, ordered school closings, etc) regardless of whether tests are complete or not. Security will be contacted for any individual refusing to vacate the premises.
Exam violations will not be tolerated. Rhodes State College student violations will be communicated to their instructors. Non-RSC violations will be communicated to appropriate test authority. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Possession of prohibited materials in the testing room
  • Attempting to take tests for another student
  • Presenting forged identification