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Content Warning

These pieces of art, created by survivors of violence, convey a wide range of emotions and experiences. Some are raw and angry, full of pain. Others are hopeful and speak of healing. Content of this display may be difficult for some. 

Every shirt on display reflects the personal experience of its creator and may contain graphic material or other statements surrounding the trauma the individual faced. Because our goal is to break the silence of violence, we do not censor the shirts. We support and encourage survivors in their healing process.  If you allow your children to view, we highly encourage you to discuss these issues before and after viewing.

Students, faculty, and staff

For a full display of t-shirts, please visit Canvas > Student Engagement and First Year Programs Community. The link to the display will be on the homepage.

Virtual Clothesline Project

virtualclotheslineproject-24.jpg How many children are suffering in silence right now? virtualclotheslineproject-17.jpg
When I was 16 I had a boyfriend that every girl wanted. He was popular, smart, funny, cute, I thought he was perfect. When we started dating he told me he didn’t want me to hang out with my friends because I should be spending my free time with him. So I did what he said because he was the “perfect boyfriend.” Eventually I lost all touch with my friends because he was the only person I talked to. He’d tell me to wear makeup because I wasn’t pretty without it. When we’d go out to eat he would make me order a salad because I wasn’t skinny enough. He would say I was WORTHLESS WITHOUT HIM and that I would never be LOVED because I was NOTHING. And I BELIEVED HIM. I had such a terrible self image, I hated my body and myself. I stayed with him because I thought he was all I had and that the things he was telling me were true. I spent half my high school with a boy that made me hate myself. I felt like that was all I deserved. Breaking up with him was the best thing I ever did but it took me a while to like myself again. But I tell you YOU ARE ENOUGH and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL
virtualclotheslineproject-21.jpg Love should matter more than the color of my ribbon. virtualclotheslineproject-12.jpg I never knew I was a victim of a physically, mentally, + sexually abusive relationship till I got out of that relationship of 5 yrs!!! #strong
virtualclotheslineproject-18.jpg At 12 my cousin was raped and 6 months later found out she was pregnant with her attacker’s child. virtualclotheslineproject-16.jpg Look up not down. Look forward not back. Look out not in.
virtualclotheslineproject-14.jpg My freshman year of college a “friend” slipped something in my drink at a party and raped me. I woke up ALONE with used condoms by the bed. virtualclotheslineproject-6.jpg She never seemed shattered; to me, she was a breathtaking mosaic of the battles she’s won.
virtualclotheslineproject-10.jpg (front) “Living” in fear is not really “living”. Speak out against domestic violence. virtualclotheslineproject-11.jpg (back) Don’t suffer in silence
virtualclotheslineproject-9.jpg My 13 year old was raped by a neighbor kid. My DAUGHTER virtualclotheslineproject-2.jpg Together we will make a DIFFERENCE
virtualclotheslineproject-4.jpg (front) For every wound there is a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says “I have survived”… virtualclotheslineproject-5.jpg (back) Someone once asked me how I hold my head up so high after all I have been through. I said it’s because no matter what, I am a survivor not a victim.
virtualclotheslineproject-3.jpg Still, I Rise. virtualclotheslineproject-13.jpg At 14 I was at a party and an ex-boyfriend slipped something into my drink and took my virginity.
virtualclotheslineproject-19.jpg Your words do not define me! virtualclotheslineproject-22.jpg Beautiful irony is when the very thing that tried to destroy you, instead made you stronger.
virtualclotheslineproject-20.jpg I am LOVED and NOT ashamed! virtualclotheslineproject-15.jpg It wasn’t my fault…. And I know that now! You lied to me, you hurt me, BUT…. You haven’t defeated me! #HearMeRoar
virtualclotheslineproject-7.jpg (front) Sometimes I wonder if I can even consider the things I’ve gone through as abuse. I think about all the people I know who have had it worse + that that somehow makes me experience seem smaller. I think deep down I know that my experience of pain does not diminish another experience of pain or lessen mine or theirs. Perhaps it’s in the SHARED experience of pain that we realize we are NOT alone and HEALING begins. I AM NOT who those people said I was. I DO NOT have to accept their words at truth. I WILL NOT ACCEPT THEIR WORDS AS TRUTH. I am stronger than that. I am beautiful, LOVED, respected, intelligent, and worthy to walk this earth and breathe this air. I WILL NOT BE SILENCED! WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED! Hear OUR VOICES, listen to OUR WORDS. We are the BRAVE, the strong, the courageous, the WORLD CHANGERS. virtualclotheslineproject-8.jpg (back) We will not be silenced. This is for everyone that has ever been told they are not good enough, they will never amount to much, or they are not enough. This is for every person that has been told they are too fat, too thin, too ugly, too stupid, and that they don’t deserve to be happy or have good things. This is for each person who has been told they are too much and made to feel bad for being who they are. This is for those who have been laughed at, mocked, ridiculed, or experienced pain because of their race, color, gender, religious beliefs, disability, or simply being who they are. We stand TOGETHER...STRONG, POWERFUL, UNITED and with one voice proclaim... WE ARE HERE! You have not defeated us... You have not silenced us! You have not won the final word. We choose love instead of hate. We choose love instead of hate. We choose forgiveness instead of anger. We choose victory instead of defeat. We are survivors, resilient, courageous, and strong. We will be loud in our love, extravagant in our grace, bold with our words, and light in this world. We are what is good + right. We are WORLD CHANGERS and hope for a better tomorrow, where no one has to live afraid. We will never be silent. This is our voice.