Law Enforcement Overview

The Criminal Justice program is a unique, highly challenging, diverse, reputable, technical and theoretical educational program which trains and develops individuals who desire professions in the criminal justice fields, and provides enhanced developmental training for in-service professionals which establishes a culture of lifelong learning. Our mission is to graduate students that will be proficient in the necessary skills required to be effective in the fields of law enforcement or corrections. The graduate will have a thorough knowledge of the laws of the State of Ohio and how to enforce those laws, the utilization of a wide variety of equipment, the understanding of how to interact appropriately with a diverse community, and to master a wide variety of skills and communication methods required to operate effectively in these fields.

Law Enforcement Highlights

  • Students will learn about all aspects of the Criminal Justice System and how it functions
  • Topics covered will be:
    • Administration
    • Legal
    • Human Relations
    • Firearms
    • Driving
    • Subject Control Techniques
    • First Aid/ CPR/ AED
    • Patrol
    • Civil Disorders
    • Traffic
    • Investigation
    • Physical Conditioning
    • Homeland Security

Career Opportunities

Deputy Sheriffs, Police Officers, Park Rangers, Parole and Probation Officers, Court Bailiffs, Game Wardens or Conservation Officers

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Law Enforcement Plan of Study

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