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Advanced Manufacturing Technology Overview

The Advanced Manufacturing Technology Program offers students the opportunity to build a career maintaining integrated manufacturing systems found in advanced manufacturing.  The program leads students through a mechatronics approach to maintaining and troubleshooting highly automated, complex manufacturing systems that include programmable logic controllers, robots, various types of drives, sensors, photo-eyes, electrohydraulic and electro pneumatic devices.  Graduates will be able to attain a job and work as Maintenance Technicians in most manufacturing settings.

During the program, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate field experience in a related job as well as create a CAPSTONE project to demonstrate the skills they have attained.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology Highlights

  • Basic Manufacturing, Mechanical and Electrical Technology applicable to Maintenance
    • Electricity and Electronics, Mechanical Drives, Electrical Drives, Safety, Controls, Fluids, Programmable Logic Controllers, Robots
  • Specific Advance Maintenance Technology valued in Industry:
    • Preventive Maintenance, Blueprint Reading, Rigging, Welding, Machine Tools, Troubleshooting
  • During the program, student will demonstrate field experience in a related job
  • At the end of the program, student will create a CAPSTONE project to demonstrate skills:

Advanced Manufacturing Technology Plan of Study

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