The Office of Advising Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00 – 5:00
Evening hours available by appointment.
Academic Advisors help students set academic goals, understand degree requirements, select courses, and determine career expectations. In addition, advisors may also assist in the following areas:
  • development of suitable educational plans;
  • clarification of career and life goals;
  • selection of appropriate courses and other educational experiences;
  • interpretation of institutional requirements;
  • enhancement of student awareness about educational resources available (e.g., internships, study abroad, honors, and learning assistance programs);
  • evaluation of student progress toward established goals;
  • development of decision making skills;
  • reinforcement of student self-direction; and
  • referral to and use of institutional and community support services.

Students are responsible for making and keeping appointments with their advisors. Ideally, students should seek to meet with their advisor before the registration period opens to engage in a personalized and thoughtful discussion about their academic and career goals. To locate your assigned advisor's information login to STARS Online and look under the Student Services tab.

Students are assigned a Faculty Advisor upon admission to the College and should begin meeting with their advisor after they have registered for their first semester. Students are also welcome to contact the Office of Advising for more information or to be connected with a staff advisor when their faculty advisor is unavailable.

Schedule an appointment to meet with your advisor in September and February or before mid-terms of the current semester. You should also meet with your advisor when you:

  • have questions about your academic plan, available certificates, and/or majors
  • have questions about the registration process
  • have questions about anything on campus from “How do I add or drop a class” to “Where do I find information about careers”?
  • need more information about the selective health admissions process
  • are having academic difficulties
  • have questions about policies and procedures at the College


It is important to take advantage of the time that you have with your advisor to ensure that you are following the right path to reach your academic goals. Below are tips for your advisor appointment:


  • Review the degree requirements for your major in the College Catalog and use the Class Schedule to develop a preliminary schedule.
  • Write down and bring questions to ask your advisor
  • Gather and bring necessary materials such as your academic advising notes, a primary schedule of classes, and latest degree audit.
  • Plan ahead and arrive on time. If you cannot make your appointment, please call 419-995-8400 to reschedule.


  • Be an active participant in the advising process as advising requires a lot of communication. The advisor needs to know your educational and academic goals in order to guide you in the right direction.
  • Ask questions when you don't understand. This is your opportunity to get answers to your  questions and/or concerns.
  • Take notes. You and your advisor may discuss information to refer back to later.
  • Be honest and realistic as you discuss your concerns and questions.
  • Be open-minded. Consider the possible alternatives offered to you by your advisor.
  • Remember: Helpful suggestions from friends and family do not replace qualified assistance from an advisor!


  • Register for the classes as discussed.
  • Review the information given and follow-up with recommended resources and actions suggested.
  • Write down any questions you may still have for future appointments.
  • Schedule your next advising appointment early!