Vacuum Pump Maintenance Seminar Offering

Rhodes State College will be hosting a seminar on Vacuum Pump Maintenance at the AMCC (999 West Grand Avenue, Lima, OH 45801)

Date: To Be Announced

Time: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Location: AMCC- 999 West Grand Ave., Lima, OH 45801

Cost: $599 per person

Description: This seminar will occur in the AMCC. Activities covered include:

  • Fluid changes in booster, backing, roughing, and high vacuum diffusion pumps
  • Valve and spring replacement in roughing pump
  • Removal, inspection and cleaning of jet assembly in high vacuum diffusion pump
  • Inspection and replacement of all system O-rings
  • Recalibration of vacuum gauges
  • Leak detection
  • Chamber certification

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