Part Size and Capability

It was by design that we installed a large system allowing us the flexibility to coat multiple and large window size configurations. Our ware size for our system is 4’W x 4’H x 12’L. Therefore, we can adjust to almost any specific component requirements that we might encounter. We exist to develop a process for those interested in exploring PVD technology as a production coating alternative to traditional aqueous chrome plating methods. The center is capable of not only developing the PVD process alone, but a turnkey process inclusive of every step from pretreatment to curing of topcoat technologies. This process that is developed in the AMCC would then be transferred to your specific production needs in the form of a commercial system. In other words, the AMCC offers a means of providing a blueprint with which to design your system knowing that the resulting design is proven. Because of this capability, the AMCC offers a very unique and distinctive value proposition to do just that.


One of the coating booths in the AMCC

AMCC Rhodes