Notice of Holiday Break:

Rhodes State is closed 12/25/14 - 1/1/15 for the holidays. Students can register for classes or make payments with Stars Online or apply from Admissions webpage.

Educational Opportunities

Our Grant also includes an educational component. We have developed a menu of for-credit course offerings that will be offered to students. These courses will combine traditional classroom experience with an actual learning lab setting which is the AMCC. These for-credit courses include:

  • MET 245 PVD Technology (4 credits)
  • IFT 211 Metal Pretreatments (4 credits)
  • IFT 212 Organic Coatings (4 credits)

The AMCC will also offer non-credit seminars related to an unlimited number of PVD/coating technology activities. It is also important to note that seminars can be customized for a specific need and offered to organizations or groups based on that need. Some of these non-credit seminars include:

  • Pretreatment Technology
  • Organic Coatings Application
  • PVD Coatings Application
  • Vacuum System Pumping Maintenance
  • Customized Training

This is the centerpiece of the AMCC, our vacuum chamber.
We perform our chrome application in this unit under vacuum.

AMCC Rhodes