Educational Opportunities

Our Grant also includes an educational component. We have developed a menu of for-credit course offerings that will be offered to students. These courses will combine traditional classroom experience with an actual learning lab setting which is the AMCC. These for-credit courses include:

  • MET 245 PVD Technology (4 credits)
  • IFT 211 Metal Pretreatments (4 credits)
  • IFT 212 Organic Coatings (4 credits)

The AMCC will also offer non-credit seminars related to an unlimited number of PVD/coating technology activities. It is also important to note that seminars can be customized for a specific need and offered to organizations or groups based on that need. Some of these non-credit seminars include:

  • Pretreatment Technology
  • Organic Coatings Application
  • PVD Coatings Application
  • Vacuum System Pumping Maintenance
  • Customized Training

This is the centerpiece of the AMCC, our vacuum chamber.
We perform our chrome application in this unit under vacuum.

AMCC Rhodes