Associate Degree Program

The nursing program is designed for qualified men and women interested in providing patient care as members of the health team. The curriculum is a blend of general education, nursing courses and applied education courses. Such a background provides the graduate with the skills necessary to deal effectively with patients and their families.

Various community health care settings are utilized for students to apply the nursing process in identifying and meeting needs of patients. A nursing laboratory containing equipment for practicing skills provides the setting for independent study as well as instructor-supervised study. Graduates of the program receive an Associate Degree in Applied Science and are eligible to take the national licensing examination (NCLEX-RN) to become Registered Nurses in the State of Ohio.

Associate Degree Program Outcomes

  1. First time NCLEX-RN pass rate
  2. Program Completion rate
  3. Job placement rate
  4. Program satisfaction of alumni and employers

LPN to ADN Transition Program

A special program has been developed for those LPNs who might choose to extend their course of study and apply for admission with advanced standing. LPNs who meet the general college admission requirements may enroll in General Studies and applied education courses. An applicant must be a graduate of a state-approved school of practical nursing, demonstrate proof of a current unrestricted license, and meet the same admission requirements as other registered nursing students. Students will be admitted into the transitional coursework based upon space availability. The nursing technology and related courses must be completed within five (5) calendar years.