Developmental Disabilities Certificate

Developmental Disabilities (DD) Certificate

Course #Course TitleCredit Hrs
HUM-1100 Introduction to Social Work/Social Welfare 3
HUM-1150 Interview Techniques 3
HUM-1350 Developmental Disabilities 2
HUM-2010 Principles of Work with Developmental Disabilities 2
HUM-2020 Principles of Rehabilitation Programming 2
HUM-2110 Behavioral Management 2
HUM-2310 Group Dynamics 3
PSY-2150 Lifespan Psychology 3
Total Required Credit Hours 9-20

Department of D.D. guidelines stipulate that students seeking registration/certification in Case Management (C.M.) or Adult Services (A.S.) must select courses from above. Those in Case Management must take HUM-1350, 1150, 2310 and one class from HUM-1100, 2110, PSY-2150. Those in Adult Services must take the following courses: HUM-1350, 2010, 2020, 2100 and 2310. Upon completion, formal notification should be made to the Chair of the Human Service Program.