The mission of the Rhodes State College mathematics department is to provide mathematical foundations for underprepared students and the mathematics courses needed for the different technologies at Rhodes State College. The courses furnish students with mathematical concepts pertinent to our programs of study and allow flexibility in career and educational choices.

Mathematics Course Offerings

The following are the titles of the courses offered by the mathematics group. Please refer to the Course Catalog for the course descriptions.

MTH 0831 Pre/Introductory Algebra Companion
MTH 0833 Pre/Introductory Algebra
MTH 0833T Pre/Introductory Algebra (Transitions)
MTH 0843 Pre-College Algebra
MTH 0953 Intro/Intermediate Algebra
MTH 1100 Math of Business
MTH 1511 Topics in Contemporary Mathematics
MTH 1190 Finite Mathematics/Business
MTH 1210 Mathematics I
MTH 1260 Statistics
MTH 1370 College Algebra
MTH 1430 Trigonometry
MTH 1711 Calculus I
MTH 1721 Calculus II

Tutoring for mathematics is available in the Science Building, Rm. 240.

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Each of the mathematics courses will have specific tutoring hours. Please talk with your instructor about hours for your course as the hours do change each semester.

Study Groups are encouraged. Students are also encouraged to work in groups or individually on mathematics in the lab.