Guidance Counselors

Admissions Advisory Committee – Current Members

Lisa Ciminillo, Lima Senior High School
Tricia Wendel, New Bremen High School
Keisha Drake, Bradfield Center

Rhodes State Admissions Information

  • We look forward to making an official visit to your high school each fall. Each admissions counselor/territory manager will be contacting the schools within their territory to schedule the visit. If at any time you feel your students would benefit from an additional visit please feel free to contact your territory manager.

  • Spring visits are scheduled to select high schools each year. Spring is the perfect time for us to touch base with our admitted students, spend some time with your late planning seniors, and meet your current juniors who are just beginning to get serious about the college search process. We find that spring visits can be just as impactful as fall visits in many schools.

  • At the beginning of each calendar year we are available to conduct College Planning and PSEOP Information Nights for your students and their parents. We can also collaborate with our Financial Aid Office to make it a truly comprehensive visit.

  • If, at any time, you would like an admissions counselor, or perhaps someone from our Career Development Office to come in and speak to students as a part of a class just let us know. We could make it a “generic” session focusing on higher education and/or careers – not specifically Rhodes State.

  • Rhodes State offers the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science Degree Programs. These two programs, designed to be the general education component of a bachelor’s degree, will be perfect for your students who want to start their college career close to home and save money on tuition, fees, room and board!

  • Rhodes State is proud to be one of the 23 two-year colleges within The University System of Ohio.