Coronavirus Update

All college departments are operational. Click the Reopening the Physical Campus Slider below for more information.

2020 Welcome Day

Welcome to Rhodes State College. Thank you for making us your #1 choice. We have a number of services that focus on you and how to help you succeed during this unprecedented Fall semester. Read the information and click the links below for important details about Fall 2020.

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Help Desk

New Student Information Guide


Reopening the Campus

Message from President Cynthia E. Spiers, PhD

Information you will need:

Your Student ID (R#) which was provided on your acceptance letter and can be found in your STARS On-pne account.

Your User Name / User ID Your entire last name, period, first initial and middle initial —ex. for Mike Allen Jones.

Your Password Initial passwords for network, e-mail, and Canvas access is your “R number.” (NOTE: The R is capitapzed and followed by all the digits, including the zeros. If you do not know your R number, follow the instructions under the “STARS” section of the Quick Reference Guide.)

Having trouble with your password?

A few days before classes begin

Sign on to early! Please note: Your classes may not appear in Canvas until August 26.

  • Before August 26, 2020 log on to make sure login information is correct and technology works.
  • Planning to study or take exams in more than one location, log in from each place to check that everything works.
  • Click here to watch a video about logging in to Canvas
  • For assistance with logging in refer to the Student Guide to Canvas or call 419-995-8069.

Gather supplies:

  • Have notebooks, pens, highlighters, and access codes (if needed).

Set up a study area.

  • Clear out an area (or two!) as a designated study space.
  • Talk to family members and/or housemates about the need for quiet while you’re studying or attending class.

Review the materials:

  • Become familiar with the layout and look for practice problems
  • Check for any inserts about online material.

On August 26, 2020

Sign on to

  • Review the announcements on the dashboard and click into each course to complete the first tasks or assignments.
  • For assistance with logging in refer to the Student Guide to Canvas or call 419-995-8069.

Be sure to log in for online classes that require attendance at specific days and times:

  • Some online courses will meet at a set time. To determine if a course will meet at a set time, check the section number. Section numbers 900-949 are used for online courses with no set meeting time. Section numbers 950-999 are blended courses where a portion of the course meets at a specified time.
  • Check the course syllabus for information on the video conferencing technology being used for synchronous meetings.

Get familiar with the course syllabus:

  • The syllabus is a guide to the course.
  • Successful students use this important resource to plan for the semester and better understand what they will learn from the course.
  • Transfer important dates into a planner.

Develop a Routine:

Treat online courses like traditional courses.

  • Wake up the same time every day, engage in your usual routine.
  • Plan the rest of your day around your class time, study time, and work time.
  • Set a few hours aside every day to complete readings and assignments.

The semester is about to begin and there is still time to be mentally and physically ready for success. Check off each item on this list to start the year right, and don’t forget to use our online resources once classes begin.