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May 09, 2019
Rhodes State College recognized by the American Association of Community Colleges 2019

Rhodes State College recognized by the American Association of Community Colleges for their leadership and accomplishment in Registered Apprenticeships

Lima, OH (May 9, 2019) – Rhodes State will LEAP! (Leading Expansion of Apprentice Project)

The American Association of Community Colleges has awarded the Expanding Community College Apprenticeships (ECCA) grant for $420,000 to a consortium of community colleges that include North Central State College, Rhodes State College and Sinclair Community College. The award is in recognition of their current leadership in the deployment of Registered Apprenticeships to assist local companies in the further expansion of Registered Apprenticeship programs as a tool to close their workforce and skills gaps.

The consortium of colleges was awarded the grant due to a proven track record of success in delivering Registered Apprenticeships, have existing strong industry engagement, and created a sound project plan to increase completion rates in their registered apprenticeship programs. Each college has committed to increasing the number of Registered Apprentices an additional 150 during the next three years for a total of 450.

Registered Apprenticeships are unique from other forms of workplace educational initiatives as they offer college coursework and training aligned with customized, hands-on training that is tailored to the specific needs of industry and business. Apprentice programs tend to result in increased knowledge by tying together classroom training with on-the-job learning, a safer workplace, and enhanced employee retention.

Over 70% of 2016 college graduates plan on leaving their job within the first three years while registered apprenticeship has a demonstrated 89% three-year retention rate. Moreover, 91% of apprentices retain employment after conclusion of the apprenticeship program. Source: ApprenticeshipUSA Toolkit https://www.dol.gov/apprenticeship

Rhodes State is a Registered Apprenticeship Sponsor with the State of Ohio and is currently accepting Apprenticeship Partners and students ready to LEAP! Call Margo Meyer at (419) 995-8416 to get started.

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