Rhodes State College Events

March 14, 2018
Week of Hope – Quotes Quilt

Take a little time each day this week to join us for our Week of Hope events brought to you by: Rhodes State College Counseling Services. Leave a word of kindness, encouragement, and inspiration for those around you. Have the chance to take a word or encouragement, kindness, and inspiration for yourself as well!

Weeklong: Stop by the table in the building lobbies and write an encouraging note or quote on the post-it provided. There will be a display in the Public Service Building lobby starting Friday, March 16th. The notes from other buildings will be collected each day and added to the display.

Wednesday: Quotes Quilt in PS Lobby from 11-1 p.m. – Come leave one of your favorite inspirational quotes, take a new quote with you and then return at the end of the week to see the display of quotes turned into a paper quilt hanging in the PS Lobby!

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