Clubs and Organizations

Find your niche at Rhodes State.  We have a range of student groups related to specific fields of study, hobbies, cultures and more.

A variety of student organizations exists on campus.  The Student Activities Office (SAO) publishes a brochure listing all active groups on campus.  If interested in any of the following organizations, call (419) 995-8479, or send us an email at for more information.

  • Animal Welfare League: Promotes awareness of the pet overpopulation crisis. We will promote the welfare of cats and dogs in Allen County and Northwest Ohio. This club is open to everyone, please join and help make a difference! Open to all animal lovers.
  • ASL Club: This club will help promote learning more about American Sign Language and the deaf community.  The club will have silent dinners, silent bowling, game and pizza night.
  • Bible Club: A group of students who want to encourage spiritual growth and develop on campus, to teach others about Christ, bible study, fellowship, etc.
  • Bio Club: Club for students interested in Biology and other environmental issues. The club adopts a highway, trips and fundraisers, and celebrates Earth day. Types of Activities: Highway clean up, Invasive species awareness.
  • Campus Activities Board (CAB): Committees of creative, enthusiastic students, who develop, plan and coordinate events on campus. Types of Activities: Planning events such as: movie nights, comedy, Massage day, May week, blood drives.
  • College Republicans: Promotes political awareness and information. Activities include: Networking, involvement in local, state, and national elections, fundraising for the Republican Party.
  • College Democrats: Promotes the goals and purposes of the Democratic Party.
  • Creative Writing Club: A group of students who enjoy creative writing. Discussion of professional fiction works, along with reading, writing, and reciting student works.
  • Education Club: Promotes education and learning to students and the community through book fairs, school Skype session and volunteer opportunities.
  • Gamers’ Guild: This club will provide entertainment for the campus in the form of video games, board games, Human vs. Zombies, and RPG.
  • History Club: Promotes a greater appreciation for history among the student population and foster careers of undergraduate history major/minors. Activities: Trips, film screenings, lunch bag lectures.
  • Human Services Club: This group meets the needs of observation, campus outreach to local human service agencies.
  • Human Trafficking Awareness: Advocates for human trafficking victims that desire to abolish human trafficking.
  • The LGBT & Allies Club: The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Allies Club are dedicated to promote education, collaboration. We help plan events and activities to create and foster an environment of understanding with the value of others in mind within a diverse community.
  • Lima Aggies: Ag and non- Ag majors interested in Agricultural activities. The club provides the opportunity for students on campus to get engaged with agriculture as well as educate the area about agriculture. Types of Activities: Agricultural events on campus, educating Lima and area counties, service projects, and meet with Columbus agricultural students.
  • Lima Campus Quidditch Club: Promote and play Quidditch by empowering future leaders, fostering an atmosphere for growth and leadership, and promoting gender equality through equal play and opportunity.
  • Multicultural Club: Promotes the development of a learning environment that encourages respect of cultural differences on campus.
  • Newman Student Outreach: The purpose of the club is to bring together interested Catholic and non-Catholic students and provide spiritual and social growth opportunities and service to mankind. Activities: Faith sharing meetings, food drives, service projects, retreats, mission trips, etc.
  • Psych Club: Interact with psychology faculty, and students. Activities: Tours, trips, speakers, fundraising.
  • Respiratory Care Students: This club promotes class unity and raises funds for special projects.
  • Rhodes State Student Council: Provides student representation to the college and to provide students with opportunities for active participation in campus affairs, personal enrichment and professional development.
  • Running Club: Club for students interested in a low key social event to get into shape. Types of Activities: meet people who share the enjoyment of running.  
  • Student Chapter of the American Dental Hygienists Associates: Promote overall health.
  • WDANZ Club: This club gets together to dance with feeling and emotion to create a work of art.