Student Activities

Being part of a thriving campus community is an essential part of the college experience. That’s why Rhodes State offers an array of extracurricular activities--so you can get involved and meet other students who share your interests.

By participating in outside-the-classroom activities at Rhodes, you’ll have fun, make new friends who share your interests, and expand your horizons.  Rhodes State offers an array of extracurricular activities each year, including cultural programs, intramural and recreational sports, social programs and student clubs and organizations.

There are several ways to find out “What’s Happening”

  1. What’s Happening Email: A weekly email to update students on activities and events that will happen that week; Be sure to open the email with the subject of What’s Happening
  2. Posting Sites: bulletin boards are located in each building with flyers regarding upcoming events and activities
  3. The Student Activities Office (SAO): Located in Galvin Hall 066 (next to the Game Room) stop by for all kinds of information and student life
  4. Game room:  Stop by to just relax and meet new people. You can play pool, ping pong, board games, or just study