This statute is designed to protect the privacy of student records and governs access to those records maintained by an educational institution. It further requires that students be advised of their rights concerning “educational records” and of certain categories of public information which the College designates as “directory information.” Copies of the Act and the federal regulations adopted pursuant to it are available in the Records Office, Room 150 of the Public Service Building.

In accordance with the Privacy Act, Rhodes State College has designated the following as “directory information”: name, address, telephone listing, e-mail address, college major, past
and present participation in officially recognized activities and sports (including height), place of birth, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received (including honor rolls and dates conferred) and all previous educational agency or institution attended. The college may release “directory information” to third parties, e.g. news groups, without a student's consent.

Students have the right to have directory information withheld, however, by so designating this preference on either the application for admission or on a special waiver form available in the Student Advising and Development Center, 148 Public Service Building.