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1. How do I obtain my final grades?

Log into STARS Online and select the Student Services menu. Select Student Records then Final Grades. Your final grades are posted and ready to view approximately 4-5 business days after finals week of every semester.

2. How do I order a grade mailer?

Log into STARS Online and select the Student Services menu. Select Student Records and then Request Grade Mailer. Select term and click submit request. NOTE: A request must be made for every semester that you need a grade mailer. The request must be submitted prior to the end of the requested semester.

3. How do I order an official transcript?

From www.RhodesState.edu choose Current Students. On the left hand side select Registration and Records then Forms. Follow the instructions and link under Transcript Request form.

4. How do I obtain an unofficial transcript?

Log into STARS Online and select the Student Services menu. Select Student Records and choose Academic Transcript. Transcript level should be “All Levels” and transcript type should be Unofficial (Internal). Click on submit and you should be able to view your transcript.

5. How do I check on Transfer Credit?

Follow the directions to access your unofficial transcript. As transfer credit is awarded it will show up on your unofficial transcript. You will be notified by mail of your transfer credit as it is evaluated by the Office of Transfer.

6. How do I change my residency status?

Although there are exceptions, you must live in Ohio for twelve (12) consecutive months to be considered for in-state tuition. Refer to the residency requirements listed in the College Catalog. A residency form can be obtained from the website under Current Students, Advising Forms.

7. What are pre-requisites?

Pre-requisites are course work that must be completed prior to registering for certain courses. You can find them in the course descriptions section of the Rhodes State College Catalog.

8. How do I obtain verification of enrollment?

A student can go to the Admissions/Advising office in Public Service 148 and upon showing proper identification, can obtain a verification of enrollment. If an outside agency is requesting information they must provide a release signed by the student. If a student has not marked confidential on their file, directory information can be released without the student’s consent. Refer to the college catalog for directory information.

9. How do I petition to graduate?

You can find the Petition to Graduate form at www.RhodesState.edu. Select Current Students and on the left hand side click on Registration and Records and then Forms. Follow the information under Graduation Fee. If you fail to meet requirements for the term requested you must re-petition for the term you expect to meet requirements.

10. I have petitioned to graduate, when will I receive information?

Within approximately 3 weeks after petitioning, you will receive a letter of missing course requirements. Degrees are awarded at the end of each semester to those who meet graduation requirements. There is one graduation ceremony each year. Information concerning graduation procedures can be found on the Rhodes State website.

11. My GPA is 3.5 or above, why didn’t my name appear on the dean’s list?

If a student has requested that their directory information remains confidential, their name will not be released to the media when the dean’s list is announced. You can change your confidentiality by signing the release form located in the Admissions/Advising Office in Public Service 148.

12. How do I print out a copy of my schedule?

Log into STARS Online and select the Student Services menu. Go to Registration and click on Concise Student Schedule, Student Schedule by Day & Time or Student Detail Schedule.