Program Standards


All scholarships awarded by Rhodes State College have criteria and standards attached to receive funding. Most awards are divided into equal parts over two semesters (Fall and Spring) unless specified differently. Each semester’s award is dependent on the academic success of the student during the prior semester. Certain scholarships may have unique standards stated in the scholarship’s award criteria. The general minimum standards are as follows:

Scholarship Reception Attendance

All Foundation scholarship recipients must attend the Scholarship Reception on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 6:00 p.m., Keese Hall Multipurpose Center, Rhodes State College. To be excused from attending, recipients must receive prior approval from Kevin Reeks, Executive Director of Development. Send requests to Appropriate documentation, e.g., work schedule, may be required.

GPA Requirement

A student must maintain a minimum 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) during the time he or she receives the scholarship unless otherwise stated in the scholarship requirements. This information is released to the student when applying for each scholarship. The GPA is checked each academic semester. Failure to achieve the minimum cumulative GPA in the subsequent semester will result in the cancellation of the scholarship.

Credit Hours Completed

A student must successfully complete 67% of all credit hours attempted each semester. Students will be placed on financial aid warning the first semester in which their cumulative completion rate drops below 67%. Failure to raise the completion rate in the subsequent semester will result in the cancellation of the scholarship. Successful completion is defined as receiving a letter grade of “D” or higher, or an “S.”

Academic Standing

A scholarship recipient must remain in good standing with Rhodes State College at all times or the scholarship will be withdrawn.

Appeal Procedure

If extenuating circumstances have prevented a student from making satisfactory academic progress and the scholarship has been cancelled, the student may appeal the decision in writing to the Director of Financial Aid.