Cooperative Education

All Rhodes State students enrolled in the Business, Information Technology and Engineering Technology programs are required to participate in a Work-based Learning (WBL) experience in the form of a co-op, internship, field experience, practicum, or externship.  As a result, the Office of Cooperative Education was established to assist students with placement in WBL experiences.  In addition, the Office of Cooperative Education collaborates with industry/business partners, faculty and campus support services to provide the information and resources students need to be successful in their WBL experience. 

The benefits include:  

  • Concepts and resources embedded into program curriculum;
  • Providing students with an ability to gain hands-on experience, while earning college credit;
  • Opportunities for students to apply the concepts learned in the classroom to "real-world" experiences;
  • Rhodes State College collaborations with local industries and business to facilitate experiences; and
  • Employers having access to a talent pool that has the competencies and capabilities needed for filling the “skills gap” in a 21st Century marketplace.



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