Community Outreach

The Office of Community Outreach subscribes to a relationship marketing management approach in working with all academic, non-academic departments and divisions involved in the enrollment management efforts of Rhodes State College and the member communities that it serves. In keeping with the mission of Rhodes State, Community Outreach develops sustainable partnerships with internal and external community partners while providing a variety of customized outreach programs and services.

Additionally, Community Outreach provides leadership to support enrichment of the learning environment through diversity. Special emphasis is given to accessing, increasing and improving the number of community outreach programs which promotes access to higher learning that targets individuals from non-traditional and underrepresented populations. Those interested in these programs or services, please contact the Director at (419) 995-8168.

The office provides leadership that supports the enrichment of the learning environment through diversity. In an effort to promote an inclusive organizational structure the Office of Community Outreach collaborates with the academic and nonacademic areas of the college to design and implement professional development activities that will increase cultural awareness and move each department forward in cultural competency.