Distance Learning at Rhodes State College

What is Distance Learning?

Distance Learning at Rhodes State College supports the college mission to provide a flexible and accessible alternative for students who are unable to come to campus on a daily basis.  Access to educational course work is available through many online and blended courses.  Online and blended courses provide avenues to any student who wants an education.  Distance Learning courses – both online and blended – provide a means to students who need to fit education into their busy lives and who have the motivation to learn on their own.

Is there an additional fee for Distance Learning courses?

A fee of $10.50 per credit hour is charged for each Distance Learning course taken.

Is Distance Learning right for you?

As a student taking an alternate format class, you are not restricted to set classroom hours, you can learn in the comfort of your home, and you can review material that is unclear any number of times. However, you will be required to work on a far more independent basis while taking a course in one of these alternate formats.

  1. You are committed to completing your course.
  2. You have good reading and comprehension skills.
  3. You are able to avoid and overcome distractions.
  4. You are able to devote the necessary time to your studies.
  5. You have access to a quiet place to study.
  6. You have confidence in yourself as an independent learner.
  7. You are self motivated.
  8. You have self discipline and are able to set and maintain a schedule.
  9. You can meet deadlines.
  10. You possess good organizational skills.
  11. You practice good study skills.
  12. You do not need daily contact with you instructor but will contact the instructor when questions arise about the course.
  13. You realize that there are times you may be required to come to campus.
  14. You have reliable child care to support campus visits.

If you feel you do not possess the above skills, please consult with your advisor or your instructor. You may want to consider taking your course in a traditional class format, and your advisor or instructor will help you make that decision. Again we are pleased that you are taking a Distance Learning course. Please telephone, stop by, or email your instructor prior to getting started on your course, or drop by the Center in Keese Hall, Room 234 if you have any questions as you begin this term.

Becoming a Successful Distance Learner

This online orientation provides you with the keys to successful distance learning. It consists of three modules: 

1) Is Distance Learning Right for You?

2) How to be a Successful Distance Learner, and

3) Rhodes State College Support Services. 

Whether you are currently taking a Distance Learning course or are thinking of online learning, you will benefit from this short orientation.

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