Canvas Resources

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a new but rapidly growing learning management system (LMS) developed by Instructure, a company based in Salt Lake City. Rhodes State College is transitioning from Angel to Canvas.

Canvas is known for its user-friendly online learning environment and its ability to easily connect instructors and students.

In Canvas, text or email notification preferences can be set based on timeliness or your needs. For example, as a student, you can have Canvas send you a message as soon as your assignment has been graded. You may choose not to receive messages from Canvas for some other scenarios.

Some other popular features are the SpeedGrader, mobile apps, and discussions which allow audio and video responses. The SpeedGrader allows faculty to view submitted assignments and grade based on a rubric. A Canvas app for mobile devices allows students and faculty to view course activity, post in discussions, and take or grade a test.

What sets Canvas apart?

  • A simple interface with a modern look and feel
  • Easy to connect with instructor and students
  • Course progress tracking
  • Mobile access and social media tools
  • Interactive learning

Rhodes State College’s transition to Canvas is under way. There will be a limited Canvas pilot of courses in the Fall 2014 semester and the Spring 2015 semester. Starting on May 18, 2015, all Summer courses will be using Canvas. Angel will discontinue on June 30, 2015.

Canvas Resources for Students

Canvas Resources for Faculty