Intramural Sports Policy


All currently enrolled Ohio State and Rhodes State students, faculty and staff are eligible to participate in the Intramural programs and events. All programs and events sign up forms will be available in the Athletic & Recreation Office, Cook Hall Room 105. Team captains/managers may pickup all forms from the Athletic & Recreation Office.

Complete sign up forms will be accepted in the recreation office until the day of entry deadline for the event. All participants must complete an activity release form to be filed with the recreation office.

Proper attire is required. Shoes with metal cleats are not permitted in the recreation building or in other intramural activities. Only non-marking gym shoes are permitted in the gymnasium. Boots and sandals are not allowed. If there are any questions regarding proper attire or shoes, please check with the Athletic & Recreation Office or call at (419) 995-8281.

Publicity and Scheduling:

Information regarding programs and events will be available at the Athletic & Recreation Office, Cook Hall Room 105, and posted in various locations around campus. Information can also be obtained by calling the Athletic & Recreation Office at (419) 995-8281.

Recreation activities are scheduled around academic events in the attempt to avoid conflicts for participants. Leagues feature round robin play during the regular season and double elimination or consolation style play for tournaments.

Schedules will be organized for the entire time of play so that all participants are aware of all upcoming games. Activity information will be posted on the recreation bulletin board outside the recreation office including schedules, results, and team/league records.


Recreation events may be postponed due to inclement weather or unsafe playing conditions. Generally, decisions to postpone games will be made after 2 p.m. on the day of the event. Postponed games will, when possible, be rescheduled and may be played as soon as the next day. Please check with the recreation office concerning postponements and make up dates.

Under certain conditions, a team may request a game to be rescheduled. The team must make a request in writing for postponement at least 24 hours prior to the event and receive approval from the Athletic & Recreational Coordinator. The contest must be rescheduled with the opposing team and submitted to the recreation office for approval. All approved postponements must be played within the time frame of regular league play.


  • If a team or contestant fails to appear at the contest site within 10 minutes after the scheduled event time, the official in charge may declare a forfeit for the opposing team or contestant.
  • Any team or individual forfeiting two (2) contests in a given activity will be removed from the activity schedule.
  • A team shall forfeit any contest in which it uses an ineligible player or a player participating under an assumed name.
  • The rules regarding the number of players will vary. These rules will be addressed in information for each sport and at league meetings.



Most events will have a playoff tournament or championship series following the regular season. The number of teams competing in the playoffs will vary according to number of teams entered in each activity. Playoffs will be single elimination or double elimination. Brackets will be set up prior to the tournament and schedules will be posted on the recreation office bulletin board. Tournament or series winners are declared the event champion.


Protests will not be accepted regarding and official�s judgement. Player eligibility and rule interpretation are the only valid grounds for protest. All protests involving matters other than player eligibility must be made to the official on the field of play. A protest will not be considered until every effort has been made by team captains, officials, and supervisors to resolve the incident in question. A protest that cannot be resolved on the field of play, must be made in writing to the Athletic & Recreation Coordinator by 10 a.m. the next school day following the contest in question. A written protest concerning a rule interpretation must contain the following information:

  • date, time, and location of contest
  • point of the contest when the protest was made and the score
  • name of official, scorekeeper, and the field or building supervisor
  • rule under which the protest is being made
  • rule interpretation made by the official and the situation or condition surrounding the decision
  • signature of the captain

All valid protests will receive an appropriate hearing. Team captains, officials, supervisors and other individuals directly involved in the protest will have the opportunity to present pertinent information to the Athletic & Recreation Coordinator. The Athletic & Recreation Coordinator and the athletic & recreation staff will make the final decision on all protests. No consideration will be given any protest that does not follow the above format.

Team Captain Responsibilities:

The key to any successful recreation teams are active captains. Being a captain is not easy and requires time and effort to encourage participation at each event. Following are the captain�s responsibilities:

  • Encourage participation in all activities
  • Check eligibility and Health waivers for all team members
  • Ensure that all players know and understand all recreation policies, procedures, and rules for any activities
  • Remind players of all dates, time and places for scheduled events
  • Distribute permanent information received from the Athletic & Recreation Office to players
  • Check the recreation bulletin board regularly for any notices about upcoming events, entry dates, meetings, schedules and schedule changes


Good sportsmanship is the responsibility of every player, team captain and spectator. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Anyone displaying behavior that appears to violate the student code of conduct will be referred to the Ohio State Director and the Rhodes State Vice President of Enrollment Services. Any profanity, disregard for rules, over-aggressive or dangerous conduct, etc., is subject to ejection and possible suspension from play. Officials have the authority to remove players or spectators from play with further action to follow from the Athletics & Recreation Coordinator.