Withdrawing from Coursework

Dropping classes prior to the beginning of a term: Students can drop classes online or in person at the Rhodes State Advising Center any time prior to the beginning of a term. After the term begins, students cannot drop classes online and must complete an add/drop slip to drop a class.

Dropping classes after the term begins: A student should discuss the option of dropping a class with the instructor of the course first to determine if there is a way for the student to successfully complete the course rather than dropping it. If after meeting with the instructor the student decides that dropping the class is the best option, the student should:

  1. Discuss the decision with his/her academic advisor
  2. Meet with a Financial Aid advisor to ensure financial aid will not be impacted by the decision and that there are no conflicts with financial aid deadlines
  3. Complete and submit the proper paperwork to the Student Advising Center in Public Services 148 – this is required in order to formally drop the class

For more specific information regarding dropping classes after a term begins, contact the Rhodes State Advising Center at 419-995-8311.