Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Academic Success Center?

Where is the Academic Success Center located?

Do I have to pay for tutoring?

What courses can students get help with on campus?

How could you benefit specifically from the Academic Success Center as a student?

Who are the tutors?

Can I use a computer at the Academic Success Center?

What are the benefits of receiving tutoring?

What is the Academic Success Center?

The Academic Success Center is a place where Rhodes State College students can receive free tutoring on many subjects. Besides working with students on course-specific topics, the tutors are available to guide students in strategies and techniques for being a successful college student. Tutors can help in many ways, such as learning new ways to prepare for and take tests, finding out how to get the most out of classroom lectures, or discovering effective ways to manage time. It is also a great place to study and use computers while in-between classes.

Where is the Academic Success Center located?
The Academic Success Center is located in the Science Building, Room 151 and 240.
Do I have to pay for tutoring?

Due to generous funding, Rhodes State College is able to provide this service free to all registered students. 

What courses can students get help with on campus?

The Academic Success Center offers peer and professional tutoring in the majority of subjects taught at Rhodes State. We also refer students to specific tutoring programs within their departments when necessary to make sure all tutoring needs are met.

How could you benefit from the Academic Success Center as a student?
    • Receive help with specific problems and prepare for tests.
    • Improve writing skills by having your papers critiqued.
    • Learn how to navigate the online Learning Management System.
    • Learn to use classroom technology such as graphing calculators.
    • Improve understanding of concepts being taught.
    • Fill gaps in your background.
    • Reinforce good study skills.
    • Learn more about time management and goal setting.
    •  Have a quiet place to study in-between classes.
Who are the tutors?

The tutors are successful students who know what you are going through first-hand and are dedicated to helping you succeed. They have been recommended by a professor and are trained in tutoring. Professional tutors, who are instructors teaching on campus, are also available. The common goal of all the tutors is to help you become a more confident, independent learner. You can expect to be actively involved in your tutoring sessions. Tutors are not here to do your homework for you; they are here to help you learn how to identify and address certain difficulties you may be having in your courses.

Can I use a computer at the Academic Success Center?

Yes. Computers are available for students to do their homework, write papers, and do research on-line. Some restrictions DO apply.

What are the benefits or receiving tutoring?

    • Offers a more individualized, structured and systematic learning experience
    • Improves academic performance and personal growth
    • Encourages communication between students and instructors
    • Motivates self-paced and self-directed learning
    • Provides intensive practice for students who need it
    • Improves study skills
    • Promotes self-confidence and self-esteem
    • Generates a positive attitude toward specific subject matter and learning in general
    • Understanding of key concepts, to learn to think critically and to develop problem