Earn College Credit while still in High School!

Rhodes State College offers programs (Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program or Concurrent Enrollment) that enable academically motivated high school students to attend classes at Rhodes and receive high school and/or college credit. These programs provide a great opportunity to be challenged and the chance to jumpstart your college career. Students must meet eligibility requirements. Contact your high school guidance counselor or an admissions counselor for more information.

Applying for PSEOP is easy. Just print and complete the PSEOP Application and take it to your high school counselor to complete their portion and mail with an official copy of your high school transcript.

Which program is best for you?

In general, PSEOP allows students to take classes on the Rhodes State Campus or in their high school for college credit. PSEOP provides funding, through the state, for college tuition, fees, and books. Option B courses can satisfy high school graduation requirements. PSEOP Option A allows students to take courses for college credit only. All course expenses are covered by the student and the courses do not count for high school credit or towards high school graduation. Option A courses are not figured into the high school grade point average. Most students participate in Option B.

Concurrent Enrollment is a popular option in the summer term when PSEOP is not available. All costs associated with the Concurrent Enrollment Option are covered by the student or through summer awards.

Planning to transfer your credit to another institution following high school graduation? Be sure to contact that institution regarding transferability of credit to satisfy degree requirements. Your academic advisor at Rhodes will assist you with this process and often refer you to www.Transferology.com a site that will allow you to explore how courses transfer between colleges and universities.