Rhodes State College provides a variety of scholarships to students. Below are the major types available with active links for more details.

Welcome to STARS Online Scholarship System

STARS (Scholarship Tracking And Review System) is the program Rhodes State uses to offer students an equal opportunity for assistance and to search and apply for scholarships. The STARS Online Wizard enables you to fully complete your application online. The wizard walks you through a series of questions relating to background, academic history, education, and free form questions. This information is used each year to identify scholarships for which you may be eligible.

To apply for Foundation Scholarships:

  • Before beginning the STARS Online application, you should have the following information readily available:
    ◊ Rhodes State College Student R# (contact Admissions, 419-995-8320, to obtain)
    ◊ High School and College GPA (if applicable)
    ◊ Program of study (Division & Major)
  • Print or email two (2) Recommendation Forms (MS Word format) to persons who will attest to your personal attributes including academic ability, leadership, character and public service.
  • It is recommended your computer have Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 8, but Internet Explorer 7 also works.
  • Review the Scholarship Program Standards which outlines the conditions of being awarded a scholarship. 
  • Use the STARS Online Scholarship Process Tutorial to answer questions about the online process.
  • Use STARS Online to create a unique username and password.
  • Remember your unique username and password to edit scholarship applications.
  • Applications open in the Fall for the Rhodes State Foundation Scholarship awards.

Institutional Scholarships

AA/AS Scholarship Direct From High School 
AA/AS Scholarship New Incoming Students (Non Traditional)
College Credit Plus Scholarship
Elida High School Access Scholarship
Lima Senior High School Access Scholarship
Perry High School Access Scholarship
Rhodes to Success Achievement Scholarship
Tech Prep Scholarship

External Scholarships

Foundation Scholarships

Scholarships and Eligibility Requirements

These scholarships are made possible by the Rhodes State College Foundation through generous donations of employees, alumni, and various friends of the College -- individuals, organizations and businesses.

If you have questions about the application process, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 419-995-8802 or