New AA/AS Degrees

New majors designed for students who plan to transfer!

Rhodes State is now offering the Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) Degrees--these degrees most easily transfer to a university for two years of credit toward a bachelor’s degree. The credits earned in an AA or AS will be transferable to a public university in the University System of Ohio and to various private institutions. The exact mix of courses required at the university level to earn a bachelor’s degree will depend on what major the student selects. Because transfer institutions may require specific courses to transfer into individual programs, students should customize their course selection as closely as possible to the requirements at the four-year institution of their choice. Students have the responsibility to work closely with their advisors to stay informed of changes and revisions in curriculum.

An AA or AS Degree is the perfect option for students who plan to begin their bachelor’s degree close to home, at a quality institution, all the time saving money on tuition, fees, room, and board!

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